How Do I Choose the Best Blow Dryer for Black Hair?

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Black hair may look strong, but in reality, coarse hair is quite susceptible to breakage. Blow dying and heat styling can cause significant damage, and choosing the right blow dryer for black hair is important for styling and hair health. There are countless blow dryers on the market, and many have features that are beneficial to maintaining the health of a variety of hair textures. The best dryer will get hot enough to dry the hair but not so hot as to burn and weaken the strands. Ceramic and tourmaline dryers use ionic and infrared technology are best and results in dry, straight hair without the breakage.

Ethnic hair tends to be fragile and can break easily if it is not handled with care. The best blow dryer will dry evenly while locking moisture into the strands. After it has been dried, the hair should be lustrous and soft. If the hair is brittle, that is an indication the dryer setting is too hot and the heat is robbing the hair of moisture.

When purchasing a blow dryer for black hair, consider your usage habits. If you plan to use it often, look for a quality ceramic or tourmaline hair dryer. There are inexpensive ceramic hair dryers, but the heating element may not withstand frequent use. Look for a dryer that has basic features but still has a heating element that is moisture friendly. Be sure to check the vendor’s return policy as well as the manufacturer’s warranty.


There are online retailers that sell ceramic and tourmaline blow dryers, and you may want to read the consumer reviews on these sites. The texture of black hair can vary from tightly coiled to straight, and you will need to find the best dryer to accommodate the texture of your hair. In general, the tighter the curl, the more susceptible the hair is to breakage from heat styling. To maintain your hair's health, heat styling tools should not be used daily.

Prior to the invention of ceramic and tourmaline styling tools, hair stylists used dryers with the highest heat settings to dry black hair. The extreme heat often damaged the hair. Ceramic dryers are a favorite because the heat settings can get hot enough to dry but will not burn. If a flatiron or curling iron will be used, a heat protection product should be applied to the hair to maintain moisture.

Look for a blow dryer that that includes styling attachments like diffusers, combs, and concentrators. A dryer comb attachment can be used to dry as well as straighten the hair. Depending on the texture of your hair, there may be no need for additional heat to achieve a silky, straight hair style.


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