How do I Choose the Best Blog URL?

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There are many theories concerning how to choose the best blog url. Most people agree that a good url is a name that will be easy to remember, will intrigue visitors, and will not become irrelevant as the blog evolves. The problem becomes that people have different ideas concerning how to go about creating these conditions, and those ideas can be conflicting.

A blog url should first and foremost be memorable. It is often a good idea to create a memorable url by having the blog name actually relate to the content of the site. Another way to be memorable is to be clever: Having a url that comments on the content of the site can help visitors remember the url itself. A name that rhymes or is otherwise catchy will also help visitors remember the url.

It is also important to choose a name that is easy to spell. A blog url that utilizes unconventional spelling will be difficult for visitors to find. Readers may mistype the url in the address bar and be unable to reach the page. A blog name that is easy to spell will help established traffic keep coming back.


Even though keywords within blog posts can help drive traffic to the blog, when the blog's url contains a vital keyword people are often more likely to click on that site from a search engine's listing. Having a blog url that directly relates to a common keyword can be a great strategy for getting visitors in the first place. It can also help guide the content of the blog and let visitors know what to expect.

Many people choose blog urls that become irrelevant as the blog develops. These urls may focus on a singular event, or they may date themselves. The blog url may become embarrassing as the writer develops as a person. It is important to choose a blog name that one will not wish to change later on, as changing urls can mean a loss of search engine rankings. This is why many people feel most confident using their given names or other established monikers as their urls, because these are unlikely to change over time.

It is important to remember that good content will often make a seemingly bad blog url relevant. The content of the web page makes the name memorable, and readers easily remember the name because they enjoy the content. Creating a blog that people want to come back to will often make other considerations moot.


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Post 5

@burcidi-- How about "petsandus"? Or "mansbestfriend"? I guess it's not very original, but it's really easy. I think you should go for something like this, as long as it's not taken of course. I would just try to keep it short. I don't like long urls at all, they are so difficult to remember.

Another alternative is just to use your name, like the article suggested. I know some people want to keep their identity private, so I understand when people don't want to use their name as a url for privacy reasons. But, it's also a great way to get your name out there, especially if you have a commercial blog or if you make money off your

blog. And if you want, you can keep changing the content of the blog without having to change the url.

If you're already a well known person, like a celebrity, you definitely must use your name in your blog url and you have the upper hand of having an "official" blog in that case. Like, Amitabh Bachchan's blog url has "srbachchan" and that's how everyone refers to him in real life.

Post 4

It's so hard to find a nice blog url. I've spent half of my day trying to find one and I'm still not sure.

I actually came up with relevant names for the content I will be having that are also easy to remember, but they are all taken!

I want to write about pets and the place they have in our lives. Any blog url ideas for this kind of content? I need suggestions!

Post 3

I think it's also important to consider your audience and the language when choosing a blog url. For example, if you are writing your blog in English, it doesn't make sense to use a word from a different language in the blog url. It might sound unique to you but it will be confusing to your readers.

I made this mistake when I chose my blog url. I have a beauty blog and even though I have the word "beauty" in my url, I have a foreign word in front of it. I think that confuses people and they probably don't click on my blog link when they see it in searches for that reason.

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