How do I Choose the Best Block Paving?

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Choosing block paving for your drive or walkway can seem overwhelming because of the vast array of options available. Luckily, many of the decisions that need to be made are based largely on personal preference as opposed to selecting a product that is right or wrong. The best block paving will be suitable for its intended purpose, look like and function as a natural extension of the existing environment, and embody the aesthetic qualities that you value or find most attractive.

Deciding which block pavers to use should begin with pinpointing exactly what their purpose will be. If you are block-paving a driveway, consider how much car traffic the pavers will have to endure, if children or pets will play there, or if it is purely decorative. If the area where you intend to install block paving is highly traveled or will be subject to significant wear and tear, you should choose pavers that are likely to resist and persevere. Clay pavers typically last longer than cement or natural stone and are more resistant to fading, so they would be a good choice for such circumstances. Color also plays a role in how the pavers' purpose: driveways with leaky cars or other staining hazards might consider a dark or mottled color instead of a pale, monotone shade for the best camouflage, for example.


A crucial aspect of choosing block paving is making sure it is the best possible fit for your existing space. Try to choose colors and styles that complement the existing surroundings. For example, if your house has a façade of grey natural stone, it might be excessive to install a driveway made of natural stone pavers in the same shade. Similarly, artificially weathered or old-fashioned brick could look out of place next to sleek, modern architecture.

Once you have decided what type of material is best suited to your project, there are almost limitless options for choosing the actual pavers you will use. Pavers come in basic rectangles or squares, but are also available in a huge variety of polygons, interlocking patterns, or unconventional shapes. Some pavers even come with patterns stamped in the top to add texture. It is also popular to mix and match shapes, colors, or styles of block paving to create interesting patterns. Any color, shape, style, or pattern that you find complementary, functional and attractive will be the best block paving option for your home.


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