How Do I Choose the Best Birch Table?

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Before purchasing a birch table, be sure to research to find out the notable characteristics of birch. This will help you recognize a birch table and determine its quality and aesthetic appeal. It is generally a light colored wood with a tight grain, though some types of birch feature a rippled appearance, which will increase the cost of the table because of the visual appeal of such ripples. You will need to take note as to whether the table is constructed from solid birch or if it is made from plywood that features a birch veneer.

Once you have done some research on how to recognize birch, consider how large of a birch table you need and for what purposes you will use it. A dining room table, for example, will be much larger and more expensive than a coffee table or end table. Measure the room in which the table will be placed to get a better idea of your space limitations, then narrow down your birch table search accordingly. Aside from size, try to determine what type of birch you want: if you want a rippled birch, be ready to pay more. It may help to draw up a budget beforehand, especially if you are considering purchasing chairs along with the birch table.


Birch can be used to construct a table in many different styles, from mission to more rustic styles. Do some research as to what style of table you want in general, and then find models available in birch. The birch table may even feature bark from the tree, thereby adding to the aesthetic, especially if it is a table of a more rustic style. Keep in mind that a rough-hewn table with bark on it will be lacquered or otherwise protected, adding a different look to the table in general.

A more unusual style of birch table features birch logs stacked vertically so the cut ends of the logs create the tabletop and the bark covered sides create the attractive sides of the table. This is an extremely rustic look, and the table will be quite heavy, though for some cabins, this is a visually appealing and unusual table that will act as a functional piece as well as a focal point for a room.

Birch is also commonly used to make chairs, so you may want to consider purchasing birch chairs to match the table. In many cases, a table will come as a set that includes the chairs, so if you want a complete set and want to save some money over buying individual pieces, research the different sets available within your budget.


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