How Do I Choose the Best Bespoke Curtains?

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To choose the best bespoke curtains, try to coordinate them with your room's decor. For a child's bedroom, you might want to choose a theme, such as a cartoon character or favorite sports team. You need to decide on a fabric for your bespoke curtains as well, so purchase some fabric samples from a custom drapery seller. Whether to choose a valance is something else to consider. It's very important to take measurements so your bespoke curtains will fit properly.

Regardless of the style and fabric of your bespoke curtains, you'll most likely prefer window treatments that are easy to care for. If your window is in direct sunlight, you should choose custom curtains that will not easily fade. Polyester is a durable fabric and is generally easy to maintain. If your window doesn't get hit by direct sunlight very often, you might consider silk. Polyester curtains should be simple to clean at home and will not typically require professional dry cleaning.

The shape and style of your window might influence your decision for bespoke curtains as well. If you have a bay window, you'll need a bay window curtain rod for a seamless look. Alternately, you could use three curtain rods. Perhaps you'd like to use blinds underneath your bespoke curtains for extra privacy, especially if the curtain fabric is sheer. A Roman shade might also add a nice touch behind your custom curtains.


Any bespoke curtains you choose should provide proper insulation for your room as well. If you're concerned about energy efficiency, choose custom-made curtains that will keep the room cool in the summer and warm in winter. Bespoke curtains that are lined could reduce your electric bills by conserving energy.

It is important to consider what kind of company to buy your curtains from. A major custom window treatment company will likely charge more than other companies. A small or private retailer could be less expensive, so you'll need to do some research to get the best deals on your bespoke window treatments.

Another consideration is whether to opt for fireproof custom-made curtains. Not all bespoke or custom-made curtains will be fireproof, so inquire about that if it is important to you. It is important to remember that flame-retardant curtains are not the same thing as fireproof curtains.


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