How Do I Choose the Best Bergamot Perfume?

Kristeen Moore

Bergamot essential oil is used to make the majority of all colognes and perfumes. Derived from the bergamot orange, this oil is one of the most commonly fragrances sold on the market. Choosing the best bergamot perfume first depends on whether you want a citrus-like scent or a fragrance that simply utilizes the oil to bring out other ingredients. A quality perfume should list the essential oil as its primary feature. Due to the wide availability of bergamot, you can also purchase the oil from a health foods store and make your own perfume at a cheaper price.

A bottle of perfume.
A bottle of perfume.

Citrus fruits are commonly used to make corresponding body sprays and colognes. The bergamot orange is particularly fragrant, which is why it is the most common type of citrus fruit used in the manufacturing of perfumes. Bergamot essential oils are derived from the peel of the fruit, and they are used in most brands of fragrances available on the market. Some consumers prize the oil because of its combination of sweetness and spiciness.

A bergamot orange.
A bergamot orange.

The first thing that you need to decide when searching for the best bergamot perfume is whether you want a combination scent or one that is strictly made from the citrus fruit. Since most perfumes and colognes contain at least a small amount of bergamot essential oil, this type of fragrance is generally not difficult to locate. Bergamot oils combine well with those derived from oranges for an ultimate citrus fragrance, but the sweet scents also go well with flower extracts, such as jasmine.

If you are looking for a straight bergamot perfume, then it is important that you read ingredient lists carefully. A true bergamot fragrance will list the essential oil as one of the product’s top ingredients. Some poorer quality brands occasionally advertise their products as bergamot perfumes, when, in fact, the oil is one of the last features on the ingredient list. Bergamot perfume is sold in a variety of prices, so you should not choose a more expensive version and assume that it is the best quality.

Essential oils made from bergamot oranges are also widely available in health food stores, as well as through online natural product outlets. The oil itself is generally inexpensive, so many consumers prefer to make their own bergamot perfumes as a cheaper alternative to buying bottles from department stores. Homemade bergamot perfume usually requires the combining of vodka, water, and the essential oils. For the best results, you should let the mixture sit for a few weeks so that the oil has an opportunity to fully settle and has the strongest fragrance possible.

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