How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Lighting Fixtures?

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A wide variety of lighting options exist for the bedroom, and choosing the best bedroom lighting fixtures can be a daunting task. Before you begin searching, it helps to determine what kind of atmosphere you want for your bedroom: some homeowners want more lighting to make the room look larger and brighter, while others want less lighting for a more relaxing and cozy atmosphere. Think about the available lighting from windows before you choose bedroom lighting fixtures, and try to determine where the lights will need to be placed within the room.

The most common types of bedroom lighting fixtures are wall sconces, ceiling fixtures, and table lamps. If you are considering ceiling fixtures, you may want to think about adding a ceiling fan to the mix. The fan will often be wired to the same wall switch as the light, and can help circulate air and cool down the room in the summer months. The lights and the ceiling fan will usually be one unit, and can be installed over a bed or in the center of a room for the most effective placement. Ceiling fixtures without a ceiling fan will also usually be placed in the center of the room, which means the lights will be focal points. Try to choose lights that are attractive and in keeping with the general aesthetic looks of the room.


Wall sconces and other bedroom lighting fixtures meant for mounting on a wall are usually smaller units, and they must be hard wired through the wall to light switches or dimmers in most cases. The styles of these fixtures can vary significantly, though it is a good idea to choose sconces or fixtures with metal arms that are durable and attractive. The lights themselves may provide a small amount of light or a larger amount, depending on the size and style of the sconce; for more lighting, choose a larger sconce that is wider and taller, and for less light, choose a narrower or smaller sconce.

Table lamps are usually placed on night stands or bedside tables, and these bedroom lighting fixtures are useful because they can be turned on and off from the comfort of the bed. Even if other fixtures are present in the room, it is often a good idea to include one or more table lamps for use as reading lights. Choose a lamp with a shade that is small enough to fit on the table without taking up all the surface space; the light bulbs in the lamp should be low wattage for a cozier feel in the room.


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