How Do I Choose the Best Bedroom Blinds?

Autumn Rivers

When choosing bedroom blinds, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices available, but there are ways to narrow your choices down to the one best suited to your needs. One of the most important details to consider is the color and material of the blinds for your bedroom, because dark wood blinds tend to create quite a different atmosphere from light-colored aluminum blinds, for example. Once you have decided how dark you want the blinds to be, you should then think about how dark you want the room to be during the day. In addition, consider who will be in the bedroom most of the time, because this can help you choose whether you need extra features. For instance, shorter cords and stain resistance are often good traits for blinds in a child's room.

Bedroom blinds should be kept out of the reach of children.
Bedroom blinds should be kept out of the reach of children.

Blinds for the bedroom come in many materials, with wood, faux wood and aluminum being some of the most popular options. Wood is known for often looking elegant, but its high cost means some people choose to buy faux wood, which is cheaper and looks similar to real wood. Aluminum bedroom blinds are usually the least expensive choice, and the slats tend to be thinner and lighter than those made of wood or faux wood. Most materials for this type of bedroom decor come in several colors, from neutral tones such as white and beige to bolder colors. You should consider the other colors in the bedroom before choosing the best blinds for the area.

Once you know what color you want the bedroom blinds to be, you should think about how light or dark you want the room itself to be. Blackout blinds, which can darken the room when closed during the day, are often best if you take daytime naps or sleep late, especially if the windows face the sunrise. These blinds also are ideal for blocking out the glow from nearby street lights at night and may keep the room cooler, because some feature ultraviolet (UV) protection. If you do not foresee needing to keep out excess light, standard bedroom blinds are likely to work fine.

You also may want to consider the occupant of the bedroom before purchasing blinds for the windows, because some bedroom blinds have helpful features. For instance, if you need the blinds for a child's room, stain-resistant material that can easily be wiped down is recommended. Blinds with cords that are short or can be tied up and out of the reach of children also are recommended from a safety perspective. If you do not have children or pets to keep safe, standard bedroom blinds will likely suffice.

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