How Do I Choose the Best Beauty Kits?

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Beauty kits are sets that contain several different makeup or skincare products. Some kits may be geared toward creating a special look or treating a certain skincare issue, while others may showcase the best products from a single beauty line, or give samples of one type of product from many different cosmetic companies. Choosing the best beauty kit depends mostly on personal beauty needs and price. When choosing a kit, consider looking at consumer reviews of the individual products or beauty lines to decide if it is a good value.

One of the best ways to choose beauty kits is by trend or makeup look. Makeup kits are often put together to help the user create a specific look, such as smokey eyes or a bronzed, beach-inspired face. These types of kits are often released seasonally, and reflect current makeup trends or classic, timeless looks. The products in kits are generally sample or half-sized versions, and thus are usually available at a significant discount. This means that a person can experiment with a new look, without having to invest much more money in buying full-size products.


Another good way to choose beauty kits is by skin type. Many cosmetic companies offer skincare kits tailored to specific skin concerns, like acne-prone or dry skin. If a current skincare regimen is not providing desired results, trying a sample-size or two-week supply kit can be a good way to test out different product lines without a large initial investment. Even for those with a working skincare regime can benefit from buying a travel-sized kit for weekends away or vacations. Travel kits often come in airline-safe sizes and packaging, and can reduce suitcase clutter and the danger of spilling,

While many kits contain different types of beauty products, some are designed to help users test out many different varieties of a single product. Lip color or mascara kits typically provide sample sizes of five or six different types of the same product, each with a one- or two-week supply. These can help buyers find a new favorite, or simply enjoy the variety as long as the kit lasts. Some kits, typically released around the winter holidays, also include a certificate that can be redeemed for a full-sized version of the user's favorite product in the kit.

Since makeup and cosmetic lines release beauty kits several times per year, one great way to choose the best kit is to look for great sales. When a company releases a new set, any remaining older ones may be sold at a significantly reduced price, turning an already good deal into a fabulous steal. Good times to hunt for bargain beauty kits include at the end of each season, and right after the winter holidays.


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