How Do I Choose the Best Beard Shape?

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Choosing the right beard shape is difficult for many men. You should consider your face shape before growing a beard, as some beard styles are better suited to certain types of faces. Your career and lifestyle should also be taken into account when growing a beard. Also, consider how the hair on your face grows.

Many experts agree that a man's face shape can usually help determine his beard shape. Some beards may accentuate qualities of a man's face. While these are just general guidelines, you may want to take them into consideration when trying to choose the best beard style.

If you have a round or full face, you will not want to choose a beard shape that will make your face appear larger. To avoid making the face appear larger, full beards or beards with excess volume on the side of the face should be avoided. Instead, you should choose a beard that elongates the face. Beards with longer hair on the chin, like goatees, are good examples of this.

Men with long or rectangular faces, on the other hand, should try to avoid beard shapes that elongate the face. Instead, a beard with sideburns or other hair on the sides of the face is usually a better option. Any facial hair on the chin should be either the same length as or shorter than the facial hair on the sides of the face.


Before you grow a beard, you should first think about your career. If you work in a very conservative office, for instance, a full scruffy beard may not be the best option. Instead, you may want a neatly trimmed goatee or jaw line beard. If you have a more casual job and work outside in cold weather, on the other hand, a full beard may be the right beard shape for you.

Before you decide on a beard shape, you should first decide what type of maintenance it will need. Beards that take too much time to groom may end up looking unkempt. A low-maintenance beard, on the other hand, will often look much better on the days that you don't have enough time to style or trim it.

Facial hair grows differently on all men. Some men are able to groom hair on most of their face, while others can only grow hair in patches. The best beard shape for you will depend on the way your hair grows. If you can not grow hair on the sides of your face, for instance, a full beard is not your best option, since it will look odd and asymmetrical.


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