How Do I Choose the Best Beard Brush?

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A beard brush is used to groom and maintain a beard. While there are many brushes for beards on the market, a regular hairbrush can be used as well. Boar bristle brushes are often ideal for grooming a beard because they help to remove the oil, dirt, and dust that can build up in the hair between washings. Brushing a beard daily will not only help keep it looking neat and well maintained, but will also ensure that the whiskers are all growing in the same direction. Using a brush should be part of a regular beard grooming routine that includes regular forming and shaping, trimming, and washing.

There are plenty of brushes on the market designed specifically for grooming a beard, but a regular hairbrush can also be used. Many experts recommend using a boar bristle brush for daily beard grooming because they have densely packed bristles that can keep facial hair tidy and clean. Caring for a beard brush is also important, and at least once a week, it should be dipped in a solution of water and hair shampoo. After swishing the brush around in the solution for a few minutes, it should be rinsed thoroughly to make sure all of the soap has been removed.

Although there are many types of beards, daily maintenance is the same for all of them. A beard should be brushed ever day, to help keep it looking neat and groomed. Along with a brush, a small toothed comb can also be used as part of a daily beard grooming routine, which will help remove loose whiskers and any foreign matter that has become stuck in the whiskers. Daily brushing and combing will also help keep the whiskers growing in the same direction, as well as preventing the beard from looking matted or unkempt.

Those with beards should establish a regular grooming routine to keep the hair looking its best. Along with a beard brush and a small toothed comb, an electric razor can be used to form the beard and keep it in the desired shape. A small pair of scissors can be used to trim the beard and get rid of any stray hairs that might appear. Like hair on the top of the head, a beard needs to be washed regularly to keep it clean and looking healthy. Those who suffer from dry, flaky skin should also consider using a beard lotion or facial moisturizer.

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Post 7

Never, ever use a hair brush or any kind of shampoo on your beard. Wash your beard with all natural soap -- preferably birch tar soap. And only use a boar's hair bristle or badger's hair bristle brush on your beard.

Post 6

Bittle and Burley makes a nice one online. I bought one for my boyfriend for only 50 bucks!

Post 4

@Monika - That is the worst! And of course you can't say anything to a random stranger in public about their grooming habits, even if you wanted to.

As far as beard grooming goes, I've seen some funny things too. Awhile ago, I saw a man who had obviously heard of the beard brush. His facial hair looked very well kept. Except for just one thing: he had gone totally overboard on the mustache wax. That poor beard was waxed within an inch of its life! I swear it was the shiniest, greasiest, craziest looking beard I've ever seen.

Post 3

I have to say, I think keeping your beard in a state of disarray is one of the least attractive things a man can do. I saw a man at the grocery store the other day who had a very disheveled looking beard! And to make matters worse, the rest of him was very well kept!

I think perhaps that guy just didn't know he was supposed to be brushing his beard. I hope someone he knows tells him about the wonders of a natural bristle brush and some scissors one day soon!

Post 2

@MrSmirnov - Well, from what my husband says he really likes the boar bristle beard brush I got him, as well as the beard trimming kit I picked up. I must say from experience that men can be hard to shop for, so I admire you for at least trying to give your wife a straight answer.

I think if she wants specifics just tell her to get a natural boar bristle brush because you've heard it will help your beard keep an even look. I am sure she'll be satisfied with that. Also, I would take the beard conditioner. My husband used to feel a bit scratchy but I feel like the conditioner has really tamed his beard and made if feel a lot nicer.

Post 1

My wife recently asked me what I would like for Christmas, and knowing how much she hates when I just say, "Whatever you think is best", I asked for a beard grooming kit. Now she wants to know which kind of bristle brush I would like and if I want anything like beard wax or beard conditioner! Can anyone tell me what sort of beard brush I should be asking for?

I really just want something that keeps my beard looking neat and clean. Hopefully whatever I suggest my wife will be OK with and not have any further questions about my beard's needs.

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