How do I Choose the Best Beach Folding Chair?

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When choosing the best beach folding chair, it's a good idea to consider the different style options before purchasing one. There are standard garden, or lawn, chair height beach chairs as well as ones lower to the ground. You should also decide whether you'd like a long, lounge style of chair for the beach or just a regular seat type.

Some lounge beach folding chairs have cut-outs in the fold-down backrest for tanning. This allows for tanning one's back by laying face down on the lounge chair with the arms in the side cut-outs and the head in the third one. In this way, it's possible to read a book or magazine placed on the ground under the lounger. This tanning type of lounger is versatile as it can also be used for reclining.

If you're considering a standard lounge chair, a fabric rather than vinyl cover is often the best choice. Vinyl or plastic gets hot in the sun, which can be uncomfortable on the skin. To avoid having to bring an extra large towel or blanket to cover the lounger beach folding chair, purchasing a fabric-covered version in the first place may be a better choice. Look for fabric that isn't so stretchy that it can easily be stretched out of shape or the lounge beach chair won't stay comfortable. A medium colored print is usually better than light colors, as it's less likely to show dirt.


When choosing a seat type of beach folding chair rather than a lounge chair, you should decide on the height you prefer. Standard height garden, or lawn, folding chairs won't allow you to stretch your legs out onto a beach towel or the sand. They may also not be too sturdy on the sand unless the bottom metal frame is partially buried in the ground to add stability. The type of camp chair that features a lower system of sturdy plastic brace rods that criss-cross under the seat is a lot sturdier than aluminum-framed, lightweight lawn chairs.

Look for a beach folding chair with comfortable arm rests as well as a sturdy design that's easy to sit in. If you want to avoid as much sun as possible rather than tan in it, a canopy beach folding chair could be ideal. These are often sturdy in structure, comfortably padded and include an overhead piece that extends from the backrest. This canopy style is also often good for avoiding being rained on in case of a sudden summer storm.


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@raynbow- You make several very good points in your post. I have found that the type of folding chairs that collapse long ways are as easy to carry as an umbrella. They are lightweight, but are large enough to be comfortable when you open them.

Post 1

Before you purchase any type of beach folding chair, you should also consider their weight. Most people who go to the beach park and walk a distance to get to their favorite location. This often requires beach goers to carry several items, such as coolers, towels, and chairs. Carrying a heavy folding chair could make this trip quite uncomfortable and awkward.

When you go to the store to purchase your beach folding chairs, it is a good idea to take those that you are interested in, fold them, and carry them around for a few steps. By doing this, you will get a good idea of how heavy they are, and how far you would feel comfortable carrying them

in the sun and sand. You may also want to sit down in them to determine which ones are comfortable enough for days at the beach.

From my experience, basic lawn-type folding chairs with fabric material are comfortable to sit in while in the sun, and are also lightweight and easy to carry.

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