How Do I Choose the Best Battery Time Clock?

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Businesses rely on time clocks to ensure that employees get paid for time worked, though a battery time clock may be necessary in an environment where there is no wall outlet. Buyers should check the service life of the battery time clock, which is usually measured in punches, and internal batteries. There may be some unscrupulous employees, so it may be best to get a tamper-proof clock that prevents employees from moving the time backward or forward. Each business uses a different standard punch card, and the time clock must be able to punch the card in the right format, or the card will look wrong. When an employee punches in, he or she has to push a button, which may cause the clock to fall if the employee is rough or accidentally nudges the clock; this means the time clock should be rugged and durable.


Unlike wall-charged time clocks, a battery time clock has a limited life before users have to either recharge or change the batteries. This means users should look for battery time clocks that last as long as possible — at least a week and maybe up to a month. Most time clocks measure their lifecycle in the number of punches; if this is the case, users should estimate how many punches there will be in a given amount of time and get a clock that can last at least a week or longer. Internal batteries also are important, because they will ensure that the clock keeps the correct time and date, even if the main batteries die or are removed.

Employees never like to punch in late, and some will try to push back time so it appears they punched in on time. With this being a possibility, buyers may want to look for a tamper-proof battery time clock, so only managers and trusted employees can change the time, if needed. Keys will usually be required to change the time, but some clocks may have more advanced security.

There are many different punch card designs; some are long and thin, others are short, and all of them have different columns to signify when an employee punched in or out. To ensure that the card is punched correctly, the user can look for two things. Buyers can find a battery time clock with a single punching format that matches the punch card’s format, or they can find a time clock that has many different formats, one of which matches the card.

To punch in, an employee may need to push a button at the top of a battery time clock. Most time clocks come with rubber feet to keep them from sliding, but there is always a chance that the battery time clock may fall off a counter. Rugged and durable time clocks will likely be best, because — even if they fall — they have a lower chance of breaking.


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