How do I Choose the Best Battenburg Lace Curtains?

Angela Crout-Mitchell

There are several factors to consider when selecting battenburg lace curtains for the home, including the material the curtains are made from, the design, and how easy the curtains are to clean and care for. Many people enjoy the elegance of hanging lace curtain in their home, and these curtains lend themselves well to many rooms in the house, such as the kitchen, living and dining rooms, and the bathroom. It is important to choose appropriate types of materials if curtains will be hung in high moisture rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom. These curtains can be purchased or made in a variety of colors to ensure they match the existing decor, though many people prefer battenburg lace curtains in white or neutral colors.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

One of the first considerations when choosing battenburg lace curtains is the material they are made from. In generations past these curtains were often made from silk, linen, or cotton thread, and battenburg lace curtains were considered to be the epitome of elegance and class. Lace curtains are still viewed as a popular decor choice and are often featured in prominent areas of the home. Most store bought lace curtains are usually made from a cotton polyester blend or rayon to promote durability and visual appeal. These materials are often very easy to care for as well.

Battenburg lace curtains are also offered in a wide variety of designs and styles to suit the consumers' decorating needs. These types of curtains are made in half panel sizes intended to fit the lower half of a window, and lace valances adorning the top of windows is also a very popular style for the kitchen and bathroom. Many people select full length lace curtains that are ideal for more formal settings for use in the living or dining room. It is not unusual for homeowners to choose to use the lace curtains as a liner for heavier fabric curtains as well.

When choosing battenburg lace curtains, it is also important to choose curtains that are easy to care for and made for durability. The common materials used in lace curtains are typically easy to clean and maintain. Most experts suggest taking the curtains down from the rods when they require laundering and soaking them overnight in a mild, soapy water solution. Bleach is not recommended because it will prematurely wear out the fabric, but a small amount of ammonia can be added for stained or very dirty curtains. After thoroughly rinsing, the curtains should be hung to allow them to air dry.

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