How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Taps?

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Choosing the best bathtub taps, often called faucets, is a matter of function, compatibility, and appearance. The taps can be made to last and match your particular type of tub. They should also fit the right type of water valve that is in your tub. Another key aspect of function is determining how easy the tap is to turn, and if it can be turned or accessed easily from within the tub and standing next to it.

Most tubs come with taps already installed. The taps are typically made to go with that particular tub. If you are looking to replace the taps because they broke, you should consider contacting the manufacturer of the tub first unless you want to change the appearance, such as purchasing decorative taps. Many tubs are fairly standard size and shaped, and taps can often be easily replaced by purchasing them at a hardware or specialty store.

If you are looking to change bathtub taps for appearance, you would need to check to make sure they will fit and work in your tub. There are many varieties of taps, including ones that are flush with the face of the tub, others which mount above the edge of the tub, or ones that angles away from the tub. In addition to making sure they will fit in the tub, the bathtub taps also need to have space to turn properly.


There are a wide variety of materials that taps are made of, including brass, stainless steel, and copper. Matching the type of material with other faucets and metal fixtures will allow for a harmonious look, but it is not a rule. Many taps are made to look old-fashioned or rustic which might not necessarily match a more modern look, but could certainly compliment it.

Another factor to consider when choosing bathtub taps is additional components. Many taps come with extra additions, such as a movable shower-like head, or a shower head. This can add style and function to the tub, but you should consider how much room you need to accommodate it.

The most important thing to consider is if the taps will fit and work with the tub. Other than that, choosing the right bathtub tap is largely a matter of personal preference. With the availability of these products at specialty stores and online retailers, finding a tap that works for you should only be a matter of taking the time to research and consider your choices.


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