How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Stool?

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To choose the best bathtub stool, bathtub bench, or bathtub seat, find one that will be a good fit for the size of your bathtub or shower. Many of these bathtub stools and seats will accommodate most bathtubs, however, if you have a unique tub design, you might want to take some measurements first. If this is a bathtub for the elderly, you might want to choose a bathtub stool or bench that has armrests for gripping. It's a good idea to shop at a specialty store which sells bathtub accessories, rather than your local discount department store.

For use as a handicapped bathtub accessory, you should consider shopping at a medical supply store that stocks products meant to accommodate special needs. Many medical supply stores sell more than medical supplies. Most of these stores also sell aids to assist the elderly in daily activities, such as products designed for the bathroom.

You'll want to choose a bathtub stool that can support your weight. According to your personal preference, you may also want a bathtub stool that offers back support. If you like to take long baths and showers, a bathtub stool with a high back may provide you with comfort and support your back while sitting.


Another thing to consider when selecting your bathtub seat is the security it offers. Check the suction cup feet to be certain all pieces are intact. It needs to be able to adhere to the tub without scratching the bathtub surface. Rubberized feet are a good choice, as these aren't likely to damage the interior of your bathtub. Also choose a bathtub seat that has non-slip grips on the feet.

You will also want a bathtub chair that dries quickly after bathing. Choose a stool that has drainage holes on the seat. These types of seats are less likely to retain water that can lead to mold or mildew.

Another feature to look for is adjustable height. This is especially important if more than one member of the household is using the bathtub chair. Make sure the seat can adjust to various heights easily, without a lot of effort. Also, you may choose a stool that offers a padded seat or one that does not. Seats that are padded may take longer to dry.

If you will be moving your bathtub stool frequently and using it for travel, you'll want something portable. Choose something sturdy and durable, yet lightweight. Aluminum piping for the frame of the chair offers durability, yet will not feel too heavy when moving. A portable bathtub stool is good for travel because these generally fold up and can be stored easily.


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