How do I Choose the Best Bathtub Sprayer?

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Your bathtub accessories can add to the appearance of your bathroom but they can also provide additional convenience and comfort. When choosing a bathtub sprayer, it is a good idea to compare the quality of materials used, the functions and features offered, the warranties, and the length of the hose. Aesthetic features may also be important, so shop around until you find a style that will work the fixtures and features you have in place. Try to make sure the sprayer you choose is the correct option for the type of tub you have or will work with your hook-ups or faucets.

Certain types of tubs will benefit more from a bathtub sprayer than others will, especially those that do not have a typical built-in shower head. An old-fashioned, deep, claw tub, or its modern equivalent, is one example of the type of tub that is often fitted with a bathtub sprayer. Sometimes a sprayer is still added to a bathtub if there is an existing shower head or one might be added to a shower stall that has a stationary shower head.

Prices and styles will of course vary, from an inexpensive, rubber hose with a small plastic shower head or nozzle at one end, to high-end, more elaborate designs made of sturdier materials. Most are available in a variety of colors or finishes. There is a bathtub sprayer design available for nearly every different function and style.


As noted, a bathtub sprayer may also be used in a tub or shower that already has a standard shower head, for various reasons. With the shower head placed high up, a bathtub sprayer offers added convenience and movement such as for bathing children. It might also be used to hand wash clothing, to bathe pets, to rinse your hair easily while having a bath, or to rinse out the tub.

Consider the stream or pressure provided by a bathtub sprayer. An adjustable model may be important to some people. There are also sprayers that provide massage settings, from very gentle to very strong streams of water. Some offer a single stream while others offer several pulsing streams, or the sprayer may provide the ability to switch between the settings. Much will depend on the functions that you hope to cover by installing a bathtub sprayer.


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