How Do I Choose the Best Bath Soap Dish?

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Depending upon how much money you want to spend, you can buy a high-end bath soap dish to complement your bathroom decor, or an inexpensive soap dish at the dollar store. Both types may serve the purpose, although something made of cheap plastic may not last very long. For something stylish yet practical, consider buying a ceramic or brass bath soap dish. Polished chrome is also attractive and holds up extremely well. Frosted crystal can enhance any powder room decor, although it is more fragile than most materials.

If you do not have a lot of bathroom counter space, consider a wall-mounted bath soap dish. If you choose this style, be sure it includes mounting hardware made of durable metal. Some inexpensive bathroom soap dishes also are designed to be mounted on the shower wall. These may adhere to a tiled shower wall with suction cups. For space-saving options, choose a wall-mounted corner unit for your shower.

Alternately, you might consider buying a bath soap dish to place in your bathtub. You can also place the holder on your powder room counter. Choose something small and compact that won't take a lot of counter space. You'll find small soap holders in all styles. For a child's bathroom, there are various cartoon-themed soap dishes you can choose from.


For a rustic look in a country cabin powder room, choose a solid wood soap dish. These styles are also nice in most contemporary bathrooms. Inspired by nature, a wooden soap holder and liquid soap dispenser may be sold as a set. Consider a bath soap dish in solid oak or walnut.

A bathroom soap holder can also be an attractive piece of art. Consider a marbleized sculpted soap dish to match your marble counter. You don't have to spend a small fortune for the look of natural marble. If you look around, you might find a resin soap holder with the look of marble, at a fraction of the cost. You can feel good choosing a resin bathroom soap dish, as this is a durable material.

If you want a quality bath soap dish, buy from a company that specializes in bathroom fixtures and accessories. Buying directly from the manufacturer might save you money if you buy during closeouts and year-end sales. Check websites for sales on bathroom accessories. If you see something that catches your eye, read consumer reviews to get an idea of how well made the product is.


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Post 3

My wife found a fantastic bath soap dish online. It's like a regular soap dish except that it has an angle and it has little teeth to keep the soap in place. So the soap sits at an angle and all of the extra water just drains down into the bathtub. It's made of tough, durable plastic and it looks very cool. Whoever thought of it and designed it did a great job!

I bought some extra ones for regular sink use as well and gifted them to friends. Sounds like a strange gift but everyone loved it!

Post 2

@discographer-- I have a suction soap dish in my shower. It has holes underneath so it allows the soap to dry and water never accumulates. It wasn't very expensive either so I'd recommend this type of soap dish for you. And place the soap dish far away from the water stream while showering so that the soap doesn't get wet unnecessarily.

My soap dish is plastic but there are also steel ones similar to the one in the picture, except that it's a suction soap dish as well.

Post 1

I have a basic plastic bath soap dish but I need to get a better one. Water accumulates at the bottom of the dish and keeps the soap wet all the time. My bath soap also doesn't last long because it's melting from the water. It looks bad too.

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