How Do I Choose the Best Balinese Massage?

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Balinese massage is a type of Indonesian massage that combines aromatherapy and acupressure along with massage to promote natural healing. One of these massages normally takes a great deal of time, so you should make sure the session is long enough first. This type of massage is thought to be more beneficial when conducted in a natural setting. You may want to check out the location first to see if it is indeed in a natural and relaxing atmosphere. The massage therapist should be trained in this specific type of massage since many different methods of treatment are used here.

An ideal Balinese massage can take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. If you have never had one of these massages before, you may want one that is slightly shorter. An hour-long session could be long enough to give you an idea of what this massage is like without being too short to be beneficial. It can be a good idea to find out how long the sessions are before you sign up so you can make sure you are getting the full benefit of this treatment.


Often, Balinese massage is conducted outdoors, because fresh air and sunshine are thought to provide added benefits. In many oceanside resorts, this treatment often takes place on the beach. If the spa does offer an outdoor massage, it can be important to make sure there is not a great deal of traffic noise, as this can distract from the calming effect. An indoor massage could be a better option in cold climates, and a good location for this can be a room with a scenic view, no noise distractions, and delicate lighting. Some therapists like to light candles and play soft music during their sessions, and this could make the massage even more relaxing whether indoors or out.

In many areas, massage therapists must be certified before performing this treatment. It can be helpful to know if your masseuse has been trained in Balinese massage so that you can receive the full benefit from your session. The therapist should be knowledgeable about different essential oils so the right ones can be applied to a certain area to relieve pain or help with circulation. Using essential oils in conjunction with the right scented candles or flowers is also important, and a well-trained therapist is more likely to know how to tie the two together.


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