How Do I Choose the Best Balcony Net?

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A balcony net helps keep pets and young children safe from the dangers of falling off a balcony or being stuck between railings. They can also keep pests, such as pigeons or rodents, off your balcony. Some only serve to provide decoration or create shade on a sun-exposed balcony. To choose the best balcony net, you need one that suits your particular purpose, and one that is strong and durable, particularly if the balcony is outdoors and exposed to the elements.

Most balcony nets are made for a particular purpose, and determining what you want the balcony net for should be your first step. If you are going to purchase a balcony net to provide privacy, shade or serve as decoration, you will have more options than if you are using it for safety. These types of nets can be found in department stores or home-supply stores. They don’t have to be as durable as safety nets, and are often made to be removed or pulled off the balcony when needed.


To keep pets safe, check pet stores for options. Nets often come in kits and are geared toward keeping cats or small dogs from jumping from off the edge of a balcony. Some that are made specifically for pets are portable and can be temporarily placed on a balcony or in any open area, which is handy if you don’t want a net covering your balcony all the time. Some online stores specialize in selling balcony nets just for pets.

A balcony net that is made to keep small children safe can often be found online and in stores geared to children’s safety. Sometimes the nets can be used to protect both pets and children, but it’s oftena good idea to purchase something more durable and stronger for children. Stores that sell safety equipment sometimes offer child-safety services and will come to your home to install a variety of protective devices, including a balcony net.

Keeping pests off your balcony can be a bit more challenging, as the nets need to be attached to the balcony and the balcony completely covered by the net in all areas to prevent the pests from sneaking through any holes. If you want to install it yourself, home kits are available online and in pest control stores. To ensure your balcony is fully protected, it’s a good idea to have a pest control specialist install it for you. The one disadvantage to this type of balcony net is that it covers your balcony all the time, so consider that before you install one.


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