How Do I Choose the Best Balcony Hot Tub?

Dan Cavallari

Adding a balcony hot tub to your home will make the space more comfortable and more fun, but it will be necessary to to a bit of research into the different types of hot tubs available, not to mention the stability of your balcony. Hot tubs can be exceptionally heavy, and some balconies will not be designed to accommodate this weight. It may be necessary to have a contractor look at the balcony to ensure it is stable enough to support a balcony hot tub. A lighter weight tub might be a better choice.

A balcony's weight limit should be assessed before any items are added to it.
A balcony's weight limit should be assessed before any items are added to it.

Think carefully about how many people are likely to use the balcony hot tub on a regular basis. The smallest tubs will accommodate one or two people, while the largest tubs can accommodate five or more. The larger balcony hot tub models will also be quite a bit heavier, so you will need to think about this before installing one on your balcony. Try to find the tub that compromises between your weight limits and your desires for accommodating guests.

It helps, too, to consider the various materials used in balcony hot tub construction. Some tubs are made of cedar and are wood or propane fired, while acrylic tubs tend to run off electricity. Think carefully about what kind of spa experience you want: acrylic tubs that run off electricity will require a certain type of outlet and can raise your monthly electricity bills; cedar tubs are very attractive and less expensive to run, but they will require more maintenance and the wood fired heating elements must be monitored carefully for safety. Wood fired tubs as well as propane tubs will also be unable to provide a consistent temperature, meaning water may freeze when the tub is not in use.

Try to choose a balcony hot tub that fits the overall decor of the home and, specifically, the balcony. Even acrylic tubs may be built in such a way that the outer walls are made of cedar, which gives the tub a pleasing aesthetic. The interior of the balcony hot tub can vary in color and design, and you will need to choose the color that suits your desires best. The interior shape of the tub will also have an impact on its usability; acrylic tubs are usually molded to increase comfort, and it is a good idea to sit inside the dry tub to test it for comfort before you purchase.

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