How Do I Choose the Best Balcony Decks?

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When you choose the best balcony decks for your house or apartment, you need to have a clear image of what you want to achieve in your mind. Good decking needs to be sturdy so it carries the weight of the furniture you want to put on it. It should not be easily damaged, it should be weatherproof and it should be aesthetically pleasing.

First measure the dimensions of your balcony. Then take into account what your balcony is made of. Most are made of concrete, but some are made from wood. Complementing wooden balcony decks is best for wooden balconies, whereas concrete balconies can go well with wooden and plastic decking as well as tile, carpet and laminate flooring.

Think about what look you want to achieve for your balcony. The decking, whichever type you choose from, is a core element of it and the base from which you design the rest of the balcony. Dark wood, for example, goes well with white furniture, and white-painted wood pairs with multi-color or pastel-colored furniture. The design and style of your balcony is up to you.

Once you have decided on the colors, think about the practicalities of your decking. Some decking will be planks of wood with holes between them, whereas others will have a continuous surface. If you want chairs and tables with thin legs and feet, then go for the latter.


While teak and pine are good woods to use, if you want to use heavier furniture, then consider using a stronger wood such as oak. Even after you find the style of balcony decks you want to install, keep looking in your local area or online to find the best deal for you. Also check each company’s quality guarantee and return deals before making a purchase.

Remember that safety is paramount, especially if you have children in the house. Balconies will have a weight limit and this should be assessed before you put too much on your balcony. This is especially true if you have a wooden one, as concrete balconies are often more secure. Also, check the state of the balcony, and if you are unsure about either the weight limit or the state of the balcony, consult a surveyor or architect.

It is important to bear in mind that you will not know exactly how your balcony decks will look until you install them. You will get two opportunities to judge if the balcony decks you have bought are the right fit or not: when you first install them and when you add the rest of your balcony furniture and fittings. If within the first few days you are unhappy with your purchase, some types of decking can be returned. This is often not the case with decking that has been fitted together with hammers and nails.


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