How Do I Choose the Best Bakery Bread Machine?

Angela Johnson

Purchasing a bread machine can be a great way to enjoy homemade fresh bread on a daily basis with little effort. When choosing the best bakery bread machine to purchase, it is important to consider the type of machine, its baking time, and the pan type. It is also important to consider the purpose that the bread machine will have. Many people like to bake bread once a week for their families, but there are also restaurants seeking bread machines to feed hundreds of people per day. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of the kinds or amounts of bread it can produce.

Bread in a bakery.
Bread in a bakery.

There are two main types of bread machines, which include automated and traditional. The traditional bread machines require a person to add each of the different ingredients according to the timing requirements. This type of bakery bread machine takes a bit more attention than the automated type. The automated type of bread machine has different compartments to add the different ingredients into the machine, and this type automatically mixes the ingredients on a predetermined time schedule. This machine takes less effort to make the bread because it is fully automated to mix the ingredients at certain intervals.

Investing in a bread machine is a great way to enjoy homemade fresh bread with little effort.
Investing in a bread machine is a great way to enjoy homemade fresh bread with little effort.

When deciding to purchase a bakery bread machine, it is important to consider the amount of time the machine takes to make the bread. The length of time it takes to make the bread largely depends on the type of bread that is being made as well as the machine itself. Bread machines can take anywhere form 45 minutes to four hours to make bread. Commercial bread machines typically take a shorter amount of time, while the home bakery bread machines tend to take a longer amount. The smaller machines tend to take the least amount of time when compared with machines that bake larger loaves of bread.

A bakery bread machine typically comes with either a nonstick pan or a pan that does not have this special coating. The nonstick pans are easier to clean up after the bread has been made. There are also options of a lighter-colored, thin pan that offers a lighter crust or a darker, thicker pan, which offers a darker, thicker crust. The type of pan determines the type of crust the bread will have when it is completely baked. Some advanced bakery bread machine models come with different types of pans as accessories.

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@Terrificli -- The problem with the traditional, bread pan method is that it takes a lot of time. It can literally take over a day to knead bread, let it rise, etc. You can save a heck of a lot of time with a bread machine and most of the work is done automatically for you.

Oh, and there are some ways you can make legitimate, homemade sourdough in those things. They are convenient as can be and can turn out some pretty good loaves of bread, to boot. Nothing wrong with that.


You know, you can also make bread with an oven and a couple of bread pans. In fact, cooking bread in pans in an oven is one of the few ways you can reliably make legitimate, homemade sourdough bread with your own yeast starter.

I would argue that you should save your money, get a couple of bread pans and enjoy the increased flexibility that method affords.

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