How do I Choose the Best Bag Organizer?

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A bag organizer is useful for keeping a bag neat and orderly instead of a disorganized mess. The best organizer for you is one you can easily and consistently use to keep items from piling up in the bottom of your bag. You can choose from organizers that use various sized pockets or elastics to hold items in place, either sewn directly into the bag or portable to allow easy transition from one bag to another. Figuring out the size of bags you own as well as how big an organizer you need will help you choose the best bag organizer for your needs.

The size of the bag organizer is one of the most important aspects to consider. If possible, choose one that fits in almost every bag you own, instead of the one you're currently using. When changing bags, the organizer will still be able to fit into each one without needing to be jammed in.


Choosing the type of bag organizer can play a big part in keeping everything neat. Organizers with elastics are typically flat and board-like. The individual elastics are wide and in various sizes, which is both a pro and a con. It provides an ability to organize several types of items, including small pieces of makeup as well as larger items including PDAs or a mini notebook. The variety of sizes means that it's also necessary to fit items into corresponding sized elastics so they don't fall out. These types of organizers are relatively flat and come in different lengths and heights so they fit into purses of all sizes.

The other type of bag organizer is comprised of multiple pockets. Each organizer typically has at least one large and several medium and small sized pockets. Pick an organizer that has enough pockets to measure up to the amount and size of items that you carry every day.

A bag organizer may also come as a nesting set, which means it is made up of several individual sections that fit into each other. If you own bags in a variety of sizes, choosing this type of organizer can be helpful when moving items from one bag to the other. There's an option to use one or two sections for a smaller bag or even more sections for a larger bag.

To determine the type of organizer needed, it's best to clean out your bag first and get rid of anything you don't use. To reduce clutter, only put the necessary items back in, such as a wallet, glasses and cell phone. This can also help prevent a buildup of clutter in the future, even with the organizer.


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