How Do I Choose the Best Backyard Bar?

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Outdoor living spaces can be enjoyed, in some cases year-round, by adding appropriate furniture and other items that enhance the usability and comfort of a space. A backyard bar is one such piece of furniture that can add function and style to a deck, patio, or yard. Choosing a backyard bar starts with coming up with a budget for purchasing it: think about bar stools too, as guests are likely to want to sit near the bar when socializing. Bars come in a variety of sizes, shapes, functions, and materials, so you will need to narrow your search down by figuring out what features you want.

Some backyard bar models, for example, feature coolers, lights, and other accessories that will require an electrical outlet. These backyard bar units are likely to be among the most expensive, especially if they are made from high-end materials that will be resistant to water damage. Some hardwoods will be more expensive, as will woods like cedar and teak, which are naturally beautiful and resistant to bug infestations and water damage. Remember that some bars that feature coolers and other fixtures will need to be set up near an electrical outlet, so keep that in mind when figuring the correct size for your outdoor space.


Try to choose a backyard bar that will suit your needs. If you will only be entertaining a few guests occasionally, you probably won't need an exceptionally large bar, nor will you necessarily need one that features coolers that run off electricity. Some bars will feature cooler spaces that can simply be filled with ice to keep drinks cool on hot summer days. This feature will save you money while still making the space convenient and usable for bartending purposes.

Many bars feature canopies or roofs as well. These models are great for adding aesthetic appeal as well as shade for guests and the bartender, but remember that such a feature can take up significantly more space. Be sure the unit will not interfere with overhead power lines, trees, or other obstructions. Some of these canopies or roofs will feature built-in glass hangers where you can store martini glasses, wine glasses, or other stemware. This is a great addition to the unit that adds convenience and maximizes storage potential. If the bar does not feature a roof or canopy, the glass hanger might be mounted under the bar top, which is also convenient and easy to access.


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