How Do I Choose the Best Baby Salve?

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When choosing a baby salve, look for one with gentle ingredients. Avoid baby salves that contain alcohol, which might dry or irritate a baby's sensitive skin. If you prefer, look for an organic baby balm with natural ingredients. Some formulas are made for diaper rash, while others may be used for various skin irritations, so choose accordingly. A baby salve that comes in a tube might be less messy to use than one from a jar.

If your baby has skin allergies or sensitivity issues, choosing organic baby salve is best. Look for those that have been clinically tested and recommended by pediatricians. If in doubt, ask your pediatrician what baby salves he recommends, or what ingredients to look for.

You should choose a baby salve that contains beeswax, as this ingredient is natural and non-irritating to a baby's skin. Also avoid a baby balm product that contains preservatives. Some experts believe parabens have the potential to be harmful to infants. Although there is no conclusive evidence to support this, it's best to avoid baby salves that contain this ingredient.


A baby's delicate skin may be prone to dryness during the winter. For this reason, choose a baby salve that has moisturizing ingredients. This will help to heal chafing and irritation, while protecting baby's skin from further dryness. Avoid using a baby salve that contains petroleum, as this may trap moisture and worsen symptoms of diaper rash. Instead, look for ingredients such as rose pedals and lavender, or chamomile and shea butter, which are soothing to the skin.

For extra skin protection, you might choose a baby salve that contains vitamin E. Vitamin E can help heal baby's irritated skin. If your baby suffers from diaper rash, look for organic anti-fungal ingredients.

When choosing a baby balm, it's a good idea to look for a light formula that is non-greasy. The label should state the salve is are non-staining. Some baby salves have a tendency to leave a residue on baby's skin and this may trap moisture.

Some parents prefer to make their own baby salve, using all-natural ingredients. Making your own baby balms will allow you to choose which ingredients to use. To do so, you'll need various types of herbs, essential oils, and beeswax, all of which should be stored in a sterilized container. Ingredients for making homemade baby salves may be purchased at a health food store. You can find complete recipes for making baby salves online.


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