How do I Choose the Best Baby Eczema Cream?

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If you want to choose the best baby eczema cream, you should look for one that is completely free of fragrances and harsh soaps. There are many of these on the market, and most of them will say that they are designed for sensitive skin. Even if the label does say the product is good to use on sensitive skin, you should still check the ingredients to make sure there isn't anything questionable listed. Stay away from artificial coloring or petroleum jelly because these things could worsen eczema. If you can find a baby eczema cream that contains oatmeal, this may be your best option because oatmeal tends to be very helpful for treating eczema.

When choosing the best baby eczema cream, you may also want to look for products that contain aloe vera gel and calendula. Both of these ingredients are ideal to soothe irritation from itchy, inflamed skin. Aloe and calendula are also typically safe to use on babies and are a popular ingredient in everything from baby shampoos to baby bubble bath. Many creams for baby eczema additionally contain moisturizers, which can be helpful for eczema because they can prevent the skin from drying out. Just make sure that petroleum jelly is not the type of moisturizer used in the product, because instead of being absorbed by the skin, it may block off the pores and prevent the skin from breathing.


In addition to baby eczema cream, there are some other things you can use at home to help your baby's irritated skin. When you give your baby a bath, be careful not to use any products containing fragrances. Look for something that contains a mild soap, and try to keep your baby in the tub for no longer than five minutes. Extra long bath times can make eczema worse because it will likely over-dry the skin. You can also rub your child down with baby eczema cream as soon as you remove him or her from the bath.

Treating eczema is not just limited to the products you use. If your child has severe eczema, you may need to make an effort not to clothe or dry him or her off with any material that isn't 100-percent cotton. Synthetic materials, like polyester, tend to irritate sensitive skin. You may also need to purchase laundry detergent that is fragrance free, dye free, and also made with a mild soap. There are some detergents specifically designed for babies that should be acceptable to use if your child suffers from eczema.


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Aquaphor is actually water soluble and does not contain petroleum jelly at all. It is petrolatum-based and works wonders on eczema. Most products make my son's knees sting upon application, but Aquaphor does not. Good stuff.

Post 1

Two points in this article conflict with my two year old grandson's allergist and a specialist in Colorado.

1. Bathe twice a day for 20 min in lukewarm water.

2. Use Aquafore, a petroleum based cream after bathing and wrap broken skin.

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