How Do I Choose the Best Baby Dresser?

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Finding the right baby dresser will depend on a variety of factors, including cost, functionality, and design. Some families might prefer a baby dresser that will last through their child’s toddler and elementary school years, and others might want one that doubles as a changing table. Nursery furniture should complement the room’s general theme and color scheme and also remain sturdy and resistant to damage or toppling for proper safety.

Cost is often one of the main factors in choosing the right bedroom dresser because many families need to budget for other baby-related expenses. Various dressers come in a wide range of prices depending on whether they are new or used, the brand, size, and what materials were used to construct the unit. It’s generally a good idea to thoroughly research the different options and choose the highest quality within your budget. For some, this might mean opting for a high-quality second hand baby dresser, while for others it might mean choosing durability over a designer label. Many furniture stores and department stores offer periodic yearly discounts, which could also help reduce the price of dressers.


Functionality and size are also important considerations. Some families like the idea of having the dresser also act as a changing table for the baby. These dressers will generally be taller to provide convenience for the parents, and they will also have more specific length and width measurements to accommodate a growing baby. Some of these designs will also include extra changing table features, such as specially designed storage drawers, shelves, safety railings, and padding for the surface.

Other families might want to consider purchasing a baby dresser that will last through childhood. These dressers tend to be shorter, and are well suited for growing children to use independently. They frequently contain useful safety features, such as rounded corners and topple-proof frames.

Design is also an important consideration when finding the right baby dresser. The nursery setup, size and location of other furniture, and available space should all be taken into account. It might also be helpful to take consider the potential for future redecorating as the baby gets older. Ideally, the dresser should match the color scheme of the room and leave enough open floor space for safe crawling and play. Some families might want to choose a dresser that they can repaint each time the room’s theme changes.


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