How Do I Choose the Best Ayurveda Products?

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Ayurveda is a system of healing that was developed several thousand years ago in India. It focuses on whole body healing rather than treatment of individual ailments, because practitioners believe that when the body is in balance, illnesses are less likely to occur. There are numerous ayurveda products available designed to support overall health and strengthen the mind/body connection, and choosing the best one depends on the product’s intended use, personal preferences, and recommendations from ayurveda practitioners. Your medical history must also play a role in deciding which products to use, as many herbs can interfere with other medicines or cause certain conditions to worsen, so speak with your doctor before starting any alternative healing methods.

When deciding which ayurveda products to use, it is best to talk to an ayurveda practitioner to help determine the products that will be best for your needs. While the United States has no specific set of criteria or licensing bureau for alternative medicine practitioners, India has very specific standards. Many practitioners obtain at least a bachelor’s degree in ayurvedic medicine in India before moving to the United States or other countries to practice. It is a good policy to ask to see proof of credentials if a diploma is not prominently displayed.


Much of ayurveda medicine relies on massage, meditation, fasting, and other practices rather than on specific ayurveda products. Herbal medicines are the most common tangible method of healing. There are numerous different ways to extract beneficial properties from herbs and plants, including brewing them into a tea, creating a concentrated tincture, or extracting the essential oil from the leaves, flowers, and stems.

Aromatherapy ayurveda products, including candles, incense, and bath and body products infused with essential oils are also popular choices for those looking to complement other treatments or try out ayurveda medicine without actually taking anything internally. While candles and incense are typically safe when used correctly, you need to exercise a little more precaution when choosing products meant to be used on your body. Never place undiluted essential oils directly on your skin, as many oils can cause severe reactions.

Some practitioners provide kits that contain several different ayurveda products, all designed to help with a certain ailment or to promote general good health. These kits may include a combination of herbal medicines, massage oils, clay body masks, candles, and even music to promote relaxation. When choosing a kit, consider the price of all the products individually, especially if you think you will only use a few of the products. Make sure you are not spending more than you would if you bought them separately.

The most important thing to remember when you are deciding which ayurveda products to try is that these products are considered medicinal by numerous countries. While certain countries — including the US — do not recognize alternative healing methods as an official medical system, it is still medicine. You should take the same precautions with buying these products as you would with purchasing any over-the-counter remedy: make sure that your research is thorough, and only buy from reputable sources.


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