How do I Choose the Best Automatic Pill Dispenser?

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There are several reasons why you may need an automatic pill dispenser. Many individuals buy them for themselves when taking multiple medications several times a day or time-sensitive medications. Others buy them for relatives in their care in order to help the person manage her own medication regimen. If you are on the market for an automatic pill dispenser, the key factors to take into account are what the dispenser will be primarily used for, what size the dispenser should be, and which features it should possess.

There are two basic styles that an automatic pill dispenser can be found in—portable units and those designed for home use. Portable units are ideal for an individual who is not home-bound and needs to take medication throughout the day, such as mid-day dosages taken at work. They are also ideal for travel. Home units, on the other hand, are better-suited for elderly patients or individuals who take their medications on a morning and evening schedule during the times they are more likely to be at home. By determining the more common use for your particular needs, you can greatly narrow down the available choices.


The next determination should be the most suitable size for your automatic pill dispenser. If you are using the dispenser for single doses once a day, a seven-dose portable unit would be perfect. At-home units can also be used that can accommodate single daily doses on a weekly or monthly basis. If you, or the person you are buying the unit for, take multiple medications several times a day, there are dispensers that can hold three or four daily medication selections and keep anywhere from a one-week supply to a one-month supply. These are the designs most used for at-home scenarios.

Another key factor for selecting the best automatic pill dispenser is which types of features you need. Some dispensers have built-in timers or alarms that will alert you to when a medication needs to be taken. Other dispensers include safety features that restrict access to the medications being stored until it is time for the proper dosage to be dispensed. This feature is particularly useful for scenarios when an individual would be more prone to take multiple dosages of medications by accident. Additional safety features, such as access codes or built-in, manual-keyed locks, can also be added to further restrict unneeded access to the contents of the dispenser.


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