How Do I Choose the Best Auto Electrician Courses?

Bryce Clinton

When trying to choose the best auto electrician courses, it's important to consider your career goals, what types of vehicles you'll be working on, the cost of training, and where and when you can take your classes. Auto electrician courses are offered in both hands-on and online classrooms, so it's also important to think about what type of learner you are. If you can only attend a class online, you might benefit from pursuing additional apprentice training.

Some auto electrician courses focus on the on-board diagnostics computer now required in all passenger vehicles.
Some auto electrician courses focus on the on-board diagnostics computer now required in all passenger vehicles.

Depending on your auto electrician career goals, you might be seeking a comprehensive auto electrician degree or a single specific certification. If you wish to work exclusively as an auto electrician, you'll need to know more about the electrical systems of different automotive vehicles, makes, and models than if you just want to add knowledge to your present automotive skills. Different levels of expertise will also apply to those working as mechanics and those designing auto electrical systems.

Most auto electrician courses will focus on specific types of automobiles.
Most auto electrician courses will focus on specific types of automobiles.

Most auto electrician courses will apply to general or specific types of automobiles; however, some classes might focus on other types of motor vehicles. It's therefore helpful, when choosing classes or pursuing certifications, to know what type and possibly make of car, truck, or motor vehicle you want to work on. Since many systems are alike, general courses are also available. Moreover, one can find auto electrician courses that focus on farm, mining, and earthmoving equipment.

The cost of getting training will be a deciding factor for some when shopping around auto electrician courses and comprehensive programs. At the same time, you may have a limited number of schools or classes in your area, so you might not have that much choice. What courses you choose might also depend on how available you are during the day or evening, or if you can commit to a full-time course of study.

If you're a visual learner, you might wish to consider online classes, which often have more flexible schedules and competitive pricing. Keep in mind, however, that it can be difficult for some people to learn hands-on skills without physical training in an actual classroom or shop. That said, an apprenticeship can help supplement online training.

Finally, it helps to stay focused on your objectives. Auto electrician courses might emphasize circuits, lights, power accessories, and entertainment systems as opposed to alternators, regulator systems, and ignition systems; or they be more about basic diagnostics than about serious wiring or computer repair work. Know where you are headed with your classes. Career options range from working as an installer or auto electrician, to becoming a shop supervisor, opening your own electrical repair shop, or teaching.

Online training can supplement traditional courses.
Online training can supplement traditional courses.

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I don't that taking an auto electrician course online would be very helpful. I think that learning how to do automotive electrical work would be very difficult, so it would be helpful to see the work done in person.

If someone going into this field lives in an area that doesn't offer auto electrician courses, then he should combine online courses with an internship or apprenticeship at an automotive garage. This plan will provide the coursework and the hands-on training needed to understand how to do this type of detailed work.


For young students, a great way to take auto electrician courses is while still in high school. Most areas offer vocational training for high school students, and these programs usually offer all types of automotive courses. Taking an automotive program at a vocational school is a great way for a high school student to get on a fast track to employment without having to pay for the coursework.

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