How Do I Choose the Best ATV Speedometer?

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In order to choose the best all-terrain vehicle (ATV) speedometer, you will need to examine several aspects of a speedometer, making sure the instrument will provide you with the best service. A watertight case is very important for an ATV speedometer and you might want to avoid any such instrument that is not rated as such. Another key concept of the best ATV speedometer is an instrument that is rated as being shock-free or shock-resistant. With most ATV speed capabilities being much less than a passenger automobile, the best ATV speedometer will be graduated in smaller speed readings to give an accurate reading of the vehicle's true speed.

Many ATV machines come from the manufacturer without a speedometer. If you would like to install one, a waterproof or water-resistant instrument is typically one of the best ATV speedometer units that you can buy. The common ATV is operated in various types of weather and in wet and rugged terrain. This makes the water-resistant speedometer a must for long life on your ATV.


Due, in part, to the rugged nature of the average ATV and the rough trails and off-road areas on which the machines are operated, a shock-proof ATV speedometer may be your best choice. If a low-quality speedometer is chosen instead, the pointer needle can easily become loose or dislodged. This can result in the needle bouncing around inside of the speedometer case and you will have no way of accurately monitoring your speed. A shockproof or shock-resistant speedometer will withstand the rough conditions in which many ATVs are operated. Many of these types of instruments also come with a soft-rubber, shock-absorbing mounting bracket.

The typical operating speed of an ATV is far less than that of an average passenger automobile. This mandates that the best ATV speedometer is calibrated and marked with far smaller graduations and speeds than an automobile speedometer. Also, this makes for a speedometer that is far less difficult to read or maintain at a desired speed. By lessening the speed indicators on the ATV speedometer, the riders' speed can be much more accurately tracked and monitored than on a speedometer that has a far longer range between each marking on the dial. Some of the best speedometers are also equipped with digitally-displayed speed readings.


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