How do I Choose the Best ATV Rims?

Lori Kilchermann

When deciding on new wheels for an all terrain vehicle (ATV), there are several factors to consider to ensure that the best ATV rims are chosen. One of most important considerations is the intended use of the ATV vehicle. Some ATV rims are intended for show or street use and would be a poor choice for an ATV that was destined for trail or off-road adventures. The finish of ATV rims is often a determining factor in a wheel purchase. ATV owners not wanting to spend a great deal of time polishing and cleaning chrome or polished aluminum wheels might instead wish to purchase painted or anodized ATV rims that can simply be hosed off and allowed to air dry.

Some ATV rims are intended for trail or off-road adventures.
Some ATV rims are intended for trail or off-road adventures.

More ATVs are estimated to be used on paved streets and facilities than are used in actual off-road service. This has developed into a large aftermarket business of manufacturing and selling ATV rims. One problem with this is the inability of many ATV owners to identify the proper ATV rims for their needs. Failure to research the proper use and restrictions of an intended wheel purchase can lead to voiding the ATV warranty as well as causing injury and even death to the rider or operator.

ATVs used for off-roading should have a strong wheel center.
ATVs used for off-roading should have a strong wheel center.

Most ATV rims can be used on paved roads without issue, however, many rims cannot be used in off-road applications. In order to choose the best ATV rims, care should be taken to read the manufacturer's warnings and recommendations as to the proper use of the wheel. When considering a rim for off-road use, a strong wheel center will typically offer the best service. A weak center can result in a broken wheel if the ATV encounters a large jump or bump. A wider wheel is typically best-suited for the over-sized tires used in most off-road applications.

ATVs that are used in swamps and wet regions will require frequent cleaning and maintenance if a polished wheel is used. In most cases, a painted or anodized wheel is the best fit for these conditions. This will allow the operator to simply hose the mud off of the wheels and allow them to air dry. In this type of use, it is also preferred to use very tall tires to give added height over the mud and water. In this scenario, the best ATV rims are typically over-sized because they will allow a very tall tire to be mounted onto the ATV with ease.

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