How Do I Choose the Best ATV Gas Can?

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In order to select the best gas can for an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), it is important to consider the type of ATV it will be used with. Some all-terrain vehicles have mounting points, boxes, brackets, or other places you may safely stow a gas can, in which case you should look for a unit that is a good match for your existing storage method. You may also want to take the size of the can into consideration, since bigger ATVs, and long backwoods trips, can require a lot more fuel than simple off-roading with a smaller vehicle. Safety should also be a primary concern when looking for an ATV gas can, and any product you choose should be rated for use with gasoline, and safe to use with all-terrain vehicles.


All-terrain vehicles tend to have relatively small fuel capacities, though it is possible to enjoy significantly extended run time by using an ATV gas can. Any gas container can technically be used with an all-terrain vehicle, though there are some special considerations to keep in mind. The first factor that may help you choose the best ATV gas can is whether your vehicle has any existing methods of carrying cargo. If your ATV has any boxes, racks, or mounting points, you should look for a gas container that can be safely stowed in that location. Some ATV storage methods are designed for use with very specific gas can models, so make sure to check into that before making a choice.

Another important factor to consider when looking for an ATV gas can is the volume. If you have a big ATV that uses a lot of gas, or you like to take extended backwoods journeys away from civilization, then make sure to choose a can that has a large enough capacity. Smaller ATVs, and off-roading activities that never take you too far away from other sources of fuel, typically call for smaller gas cans, if any at all. In some cases, you may even be better off just leaving a regular gas can in your truck or trailer.

Safety concerns should also play a major part in selecting an ATV gas can. You need to choose a can that is rated to hold gasoline, but that may not be enough. Many gas cans are somewhat fragile, which can result in a can getting crushed if your ATV rolls over. Good ATV gas cans typically have a more rugged construction that can stand up to a higher level of abuse. You may also want to look for low profile cans, or cans that can be locked together, which can be easily strapped to cargo racks.


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