How do I Choose the Best Artificial Eyelashes?

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Artificial eyelashes can give your look that extra boost of glamor and drama, but not all lashes are created equal. Before selecting artificial eyelashes, you will need to stop and consider the effect you want. From the subtle to the theatrical, there are fake lashes for every look.

Choosing the best artificial eyelashes will depend on the desired effect. For a subtle, natural look, avoid overly thick lashes, instead favoring sparse lashes slightly longer than your own. To fill in thin lashes, though, a thick lash cut to an even length will suit best. A glamorous look might require thicker, longer lashes with a pronounced curl.

Rather than try to make false lashes blend in, you might decide to choose more theatrical artificial eyelashes. Very long lashes, in bright colors or dusted with glitter, can give you an exotic look. For an even more extreme effect, you can try metallic or feathered lashes. Lashes like these often are seen on catwalks and red carpets and special glamorous occasions.

Full strip lashes are the most common type of artificial eyelashes available. These strips are worn across the length of the eyelid, just over your natural eyelashes, and give lashes a fuller, longer look. Three-quarter length lashes are very effective as well, with a natural look that emphasizes the corner of the eye, but they can be harder to find than full strips.


Most women who use artificial eyelashes use them only on the upper eye. Lower lashes are available, but they are not widely used. Unless applied correctly, they tend to look especially false, but if done well, lower lashes appear completely natural while accenting the eyes.

Individual lashes are another option, and they offer the most natural look. They come in small clusters of just a few hairs and are most effective when used to fill in an already strong set of eyelashes. For those with thin or sparse lashes, though, they can be difficult to apply, and a full strip might suit better.

Regardless of the length, lashes come in a variety of designs, from a soft, subtle lash, to a more obvious and dramatic look. Care should be taken not to go too extreme with very obvious fake lashes. Overly long lashes are at the very least obvious, and they might look silly or comical. For a more natural look, they can be trimmed, making them just a bit longer than your natural lashes.


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Post 3

@burcinc-- I had the same exact problem! You need to try individual eyelashes. They are much easier to use and look very natural.

Individual eyelashes are perfect for people who already have fairly thick and dense eyelashes. The strip artificial lashes are better for those with sparse and thin lashes.

I have thick and dense lashes and I just apply a few individual lashes at the outer corner of my eyes to make those lashes longer and more apparent. I have trouble applying strip lashes too, but I've never had a problem with individual lashes.

Post 2

@burcinc-- There are many different types of fake lashes at the store. They are made for different eye shapes and have different density and length. My favorite artificial eyelashes for example are very wide and have very short inner lashes and longer outer eyelashes. So it gives that butterfly look to the eyes.

You might have to try a few different types to find the perfect one for you. Or if you go to a high-end cosmetic shop that offers artificial lashes, they can help you find the right shape and type of lash for you.

Post 1

Why do artificial eyelashes always look so bad on me? I see girls wearing them all the time and it looks so natural and pretty on them. On me, it looks fake and ugly. I get the regular strip fake lashes from the pharmacy, don't most people get theirs from pharmacies and beauty stores?

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