How do I Choose the Best Armchair Slipcovers?

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To choose the best armchair slipcovers you need to consider appearance, fabric weight, material, and function. If you are going to have a cover that will be used to sit on, you will need to consider other factors, such as welting or cording, that cover the seamed areas for protection. Deciding on what the fabric, color, and style of armchair cover ahead of time will make the decision easier.

Armchair slipcovers can protect and lengthen the life of furniture as well as change its appearance. In terms of appearance, you will probably want to match the color of other furniture in the room, or possibly the walls. There are a wide variety of patterns to consider as well. Floral patterns or other similar designs are very common.

If you can, get a swatch of cloth or paper with the color or pattern you want beforehand. This can help to avoid getting a slipcover home and finding out you don’t like the color. Some online stores offer the option of choosing and matching colors and patterns on the screen.


Choose the fabric or material you would like to have for your armchair slipcovers next. There are many fabrics available, including denim, cotton, and polyester. This may also relate to what shape you want the slipcover to have as well. For instance, if you want the slipcover to fit snugly along the armchair, a material with spandex would be desirable. If the chair is used a lot, twill or denim might be better choices.

Fabric weight is also a consideration when choosing armchair slipcovers. Heavier fabrics might not fit the chair well and can be uncomfortable when you are sitting on them. Other fabrics might have a better texture to avoid wrinkling.

Make sure that the slipcover completely covers the chair and blocks the underlying fabric from being visible. Some fabrics might be too sheer and will allow the fabric or material under the cover to show through. It is also an option to choose a slipcover that does not reach the floor, leaving the legs visible. This can be covered later with some type of skirt.

In addition to function and form, consider if you want any extras. Some armchair covers have detailed embroidery and buttons on them. They can add a nice appearance, may get worn down with use. Some people use armchair covers to cover furniture when it’s not being used, so extras might be better suited in that case.


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