How do I Choose the Best Argyle Shirt?

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Choosing the best argyle shirt depends on personal style and preference. Argyle shirts come in various fabrics, cuts, and colors to fit many styles. When choosing the best argyle shirt for you, therefore, decide what look, cut, and colors will best suit your needs. While the Argyle print has been more recently adopted by those seeking a more preppy style, the print has proven itself versatile across other style subsets as well. With the plethora of options, there may just be an argyle shirt out there for everyone.

Shirt cut is an important factor when choosing the best argyle shirt. Decisions to make when choosing the best argyle shirts include the desired sleeve length and neckline. Sleeves can be long, short or nonexistent. Necklines can be cut in a round, crew or V-neck shape, to name a few options. Personal style and desired use of the argyle shirt will influence these decisions.

Argyle print design can vary by shirt as well. Despite using similar Argyle diamond patterns, companies and designers vary its reproduction in color, distribution, or focal point. Personal considerations and the desire to match other articles of clothing will influence purchasing decisions. Additional design considerations include those shirts with a wallpaper of Argyle stretching around the shirt versus those shirts simply highlighting a small Argyle diamond print.


Fabric quality is also influential when choosing the best argyle shirt. The more expensive options include Argyle shirts made of cashmere, wool, or of 100% cotton. The price decreases with the addition of polyester or other synthetic fibers. The price does not necessarily mean that a cashmere shirt is the best, however, as different people are comfortable in different fabrics.

Another consideration to make when choosing an Argyle shirt is how easy it is to clean it. Some Argyle shirts are machine washable, while others are dry clean only. A cashmere Argyle shirt, for example, may be the best quality, but the requirement to take the shirt to the dry cleaners every week may reduce its value. Choose the shirt with the best combination of the above characteristics that also fits personal cleaning habits.

Beyond simply covering our bodies, clothes are often tools of self-expression and can increase self-confidence, so choosing the most flattering Argyle shirt is influential in decision making. Argyle print tends to give a shirt the impression of three dimensionality and often draws much attention to the pattern. For this reason, the Argyle pattern does not hide unflattering areas as successfully as some other pattern combinations.


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