How do I Choose the Best Aqua Aerobics Classes?

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In order to choose the best aqua aerobics classes, you should first decide whether you'd like shallow or deep water sessions. Many people start with shallow water aerobics classes with the feet touching the pool floor before taking workout sessions in the deep end using floats to help stay upright. If you're already comfortable in the water without having to touch bottom, you may want to start with the deep water aerobics classes. If you find out the different times and types of aqua aerobics classes at swimming pools in your area, you can better choose the best ones for you that also fit your schedule.

If you've never taken a water aerobics class, look for sessions labeled "beginner." If you're a senior, you may want to take aqua aerobics classes with others your age. Most community centers have water aerobics just for seniors. If you're a parent, you may want to take the sessions with a friend who also has children. You would need to find aqua aerobics classes in a community center pool with childminding services. The children can participate in gym, crafts and other activities together with a supervised group of other kids while the two of you take the water aerobics classes.


Compare the costs and types of aqua classes available in your area. You may want to consider the convenience of getting to and from the swimming facility as well as details that may be important to you such as music. Not all aqua aerobics classes have music playing during the sessions, so if you'd prefer that, it's best to call the swimming facility before signing up. When comparing class costs, consider your transportation to and from the sessions as well as any equipment you may need to purchase, such as hand-held weights or floats for deep water aerobics.

Remember that while exercising in the water, you may not feel any muscle strain, aches or even fatigue due to the cushioning effect on the joints. When you get out of the water, however, you may feel the effects of over-exercising. This makes it important to choose aqua aerobics classes that fit your skill level. Make sure the classes you choose include warm-up and cool down stretches to help avoid muscle aches or injuries. You may have to start water aerobics classes by raising your arms and legs less during the workouts, then gradually increasing the intensity as you take more sessions.


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When I was very, very pregnant I could not find a prenatal aerobics class, so I tried water aerobics instead. It's great for pregnant women!

In my experience, the class was mostly seniors even though it was not specifically advertised that way. I suspect that's a pretty common thing (eight seniors and one pregnant lady!) and the class I took was very senior-friendly as well as beginner-friendly.

Something else to keep in mind is that some aqua aerobics classes are taught by an instructor who is in the water with you, and others are taught by an instructor standing by the side of the pool. You might want to try both types to find out which you find easier to follow.

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