How Do I Choose the Best Appointment Book?

Tara Barnett

There are many different styles of appointment books available, but which style will be best for an individual depends on his or her organizational style and life situation. Student appointment books, for example, require very different organizational qualities than those designed for businesses or families. Choosing an attractive appointment book is also important, because this is an item that you will need to look at nearly every day. The best appointment book for you is the book that adequately meets your needs and assists you in managing your appointments.

For many people, using a combination of paper and digital completely covers their appointment book needs.
For many people, using a combination of paper and digital completely covers their appointment book needs.

One of the first things to consider when choosing the best appointment book is what the book is for. Understanding what types of tasks need to be covered by the book can identify which styles are best. Some planners are designed explicitly for certain groups, like mothers or students. These books often aim to predict the needs of their target users, which can be very useful for some individuals.

A day planner works great for recording appointments.
A day planner works great for recording appointments.

In certain contexts, a person might require an appointment book that can handle very specific needs. Books that can be organized to cover multiple users, for example, are often important for businesses and families. The system of organization used to keep these different schedules in order is important, and you may wish to choose the book with the most logical system.

Appearance is also a major consideration when choosing an appointment book. Paper planners can be modified by the use of pens, sticky notes, and other simple measures, but the basic planner should be pleasant to use. Cover design is important to some people, but the design of the interior pages is also very important. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, very different page designs may be appropriate.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing an appointment book is that all planners require some adjustment in order to achieve efficient use. Learning how to work with an appointment book may involve changes to your organizational style. Once adjustments have been made, however, some books will still be found lacking. When it is not possible to modify the book, it is usually best to choose another style.

Many people no longer use paper appointment books and conduct all appointment scheduling through computers and the Internet. This is frequently much easier for people who receive appointment requests online. On the other hand, many people still enjoy using paper appointment books for personal scheduling needs, and even more people use a combination of the two mediums to completely cover their appointment book needs.

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I always like an appointment book to have a calendar of the previous month, current month and next month on every page. That way, if someone wants something that's a month ahead, I can see what day of the week the desired date falls on. That's helpful when planning my schedule.


Our news photographers are pretty picky about their appointment book. They like the large ones with one page per day, and the times marked off in 15-minute increments. This helps them keep up with their daily assignments and it's also good for the reporters, who can see if a photographer is available within a certain window of time.

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