How do I Choose the Best Antler Chandelier?

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If you are interested in light fixtures that add some character to your home, you could choose an antler chandelier to put on your wall. One of the first decisions to make is whether you want real antlers on the fixture, or a reproduction, keeping in mind that the latter is often cheaper. You also need to consider the size that you need, which will likely depend on the room you plan to put the lighting fixture in. Additionally, think about the kind of antlers that you want, as different animals produce varying types of antlers.

Both real and reproduced antlers can be used on antler chandeliers, though there are some differences between the two. You should first know that antlers are typically naturally shed in the wild by many animals, such as deer, caribou, moose, and elk, which means that owning real antlers can be environmentally friendly rather than cruel. On the other hand, while an antler chandelier with real antlers is often sought after, this type of light fixture is often heavier and more expensive than replicas. If you are worried about either the cost of the antler chandelier or the logistics of hanging heavy items in your home, you should consider purchasing a light fixture made with replica antlers instead of real ones.

Most antler chandeliers are quite large, as they tend to fit perfectly in restaurants, hotel lobbies, lodges, or large rooms with vaulted ceilings. Some companies, however, do construct smaller light fixtures that fit well in the average home's living room. This is possible due to the fact that most large chandeliers are made with several sets of antlers, so smaller products merely boast fewer sets. If, on the other hand, you seek a particularly large antler chandelier, you should find one that features a few tiers.

One of the most important choices when deciding on an antler chandelier is the type of animal you want the antlers to come from, especially since this option can help dictate the size. Mule deer have forked antlers, and though they range in size, most are quite large, perfect for larger chandeliers. Whitetail deer provide smaller antlers that curl, and are usually considered good for miniature chandeliers with lots of fine details. Reindeer antlers are quite rare, but they are typically used in chandeliers for people who prefer a delicate yet large light fixture. Finally, caribou, elk, and moose antlers are all used in large, bulky light fixtures that can be seen in restaurants, hotels, and lodges that boast a rustic look.

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