How do I Choose the Best Antioxidant Complex?

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Choosing the best antioxidant complex may mean deciding what form of supplement you prefer. Whether you choose liquid or pill form, consider a few essential factors. Potency, expiration date, and whether it is all-natural or synthetic may be of significance to you. What you hope to achieve by taking an antioxidant complex may help you decide which product will work best for you.

If you want to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease or some forms of cancer, you probably should choose an antioxidant complex that is organic or natural. Synthetic supplements may include additives and other ingredients you may not want to put into your body. Even some herbal supplements may include synthetic ingredients in the mix, so read everything carefully and don't overlook anything.

Three essential vitamins that should be included in your antioxidant complex should be vitamin A, C and E. If you find you are not getting enough of these nutrients through consumption of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains, these three ingredients should help you out. A complex of these essential nutrients, along with beta carotene, will help fight the risk of free radicals causing cell damage to your body. Other important ingredients you may wish to look for in your antioxidant complex are selenium and lutein.


If you live an active lifestyle, you may want to choose a supplement that includes at least 100 percent of recommended daily allowance of vitamins. Keep in mind, however, you don't want to take too high a potency or it can be dangerous. The reason for this is because most of the antioxidant complex vitamins such as A and E, are fat soluble and excessive amounts can accumulate in your body. Read the label carefully and follow the guide.

In choosing your supplements, you may want to consider where to purchase them. If you buy these at your local nutritional center or vitamin store, it's most likely they will be expensive. You can probably find the same quality of supplement for a lower price at a discount store or pharmacy or even online.

Choosing an antioxidant complex in liquid form can probably offer the benefit of a fruit flavored drink that you can easily fit into your breakfast menu. This form, however, will typically require refrigeration. You may prefer a powered form instead, and this can be mixed into your favorite cool beverage. Capsules or tablets may have a longer shelf life, however.

You should be advised that if you are pregnant or have some other medical conditions that require you to take medication, consult with your physician before taking any form of supplement. Some vitamins and minerals may interact with medications and drugs. A pharmacist may be able to inform you of possible drug interactions and side effects.


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