How Do I Choose the Best Anti-Money Laundering Course?

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There are numerous courses that can be taken in order to recognize suspicious money laundering activities in a business. An effective anti-money laundering course will teach that money laundering happens not only at banks, casinos and insurance companies but also at small businesses. The best courses teach exactly what money laundering is, how it can be accomplished, why it is done and why you should be concerned about the terrorists or criminals behind it. The best courses might also have to be approved within your region.

Each region has its own requirements. If your are required to take an approved course, find out what companies are approved to give the course. Bank personnel and some insurance companies' employees have long been required to take approved anti-money laundering courses. The average person taking an anti-money laundering course should look into other aspects of what a course is offering as well.

A good anti-money laundering course will make you understand that dishonest accountants, drug dealers and other corrupt people will need to get rid of cash and convert it to a legitimate account or business. When someone puts down a large amount of cash for purchases, it tends to send up a red flag to officials. A good money laundering course will teach you to be on the lookout for those people who would need to exchange cash for fake invoices or bank accounts.


It should be obvious why you should be concerned about terrorist activities. An anti-money laundering course would allow you to recognize why large cash transactions — often because the customer doesn’t want to leave a money trail — are suspicious and would be a reason to prevent money laundering. A course can also show you how criminals try to avoid taxes or jail and can show you how these criminals accomplish their money laundering methods.

The best anti-money laundering courses will teach you that not only are banks and insurance companies at risk for money laundering, small businesses are prone to the activity as well. Various types of businesses that take cash as payment can be under the control of criminals, and an anti-money laundering course can help people from all walks of life understand the process. No business is immune from money laundering, so choose a course carefully that gives entire scenarios and instances where a money laundering attempt could be made. Researching the courses that are available will help you pick out the best money laundering course with the best instructor.


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