How do I Choose the Best Anti-Gravity Chair?

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Choosing the best anti-gravity chair depends on a person's personal preferences and where the chair will be used. There are a number of variations on the basic chair using different materials, angles, and features. Some even include extra features, such as massaging components. The most important thing to consider when choosing an anti-gravity chair is whether it fulfills its intended function, which is to increase circulation and reduce pressure on the vertebrae. Most professionally designed chairs accomplish this basic function, but for a more durable and comfortable model, a person may have to spend more money.

The first thing to understand when choosing an anti-gravity chair is what the chair actually does. It does not in any way modify gravity. Rather, it reduces pressure by redistributing weight and improves circulation by lifting the user's feet above the level of the heart. Essentially, any chair in which the user is reclining with elevated feet could be called an anti-gravity chair, but some are specifically designed for this purpose.

One large difference between different anti-gravity chairs is the material used for the seating portion of the chair. Most chairs use metal, wood, or other sturdy construction materials for the frame, but some use webbing as the seating material, while others use leather or fabric. Also, some chairs are padded, while others are bare. The material used for the chair influences where the chair can be placed, because a leather chair should not be placed outdoors, while a mesh chair can.


A good anti-gravity chair must be adjustable not only for different users, but also for different positions. It is a good idea to invest in a chair that can be used not only for reclining but also for sitting up. The headrest in particular must be adjustable so that people of different heights can use the chair.

Special features sometimes offered with this type of chair include massaging features and automatic repositioning. The massaging components are often placed throughout the chair, providing effective back massages aided by gravity, but some chairs have additional leg massaging components that aim to improve circulation. For those who are interested in this type of chair primarily for relaxation and circulation purposes, massaging components may be a worthwhile investment. Automatic repositioning is most useful for people who cannot manually move the chair into different positions, such as people with limited strength.

One can expect an anti-gravity chair to cost much more than a similar chair without the reclining functions. There are often discount chairs of this type, but these are usually uncomfortable and do not last long. If someone has a condition that makes an anti-gravity chair necessary, a chair that is durable and maximally comfortable is a good investment.


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