How do I Choose the Best Anabolic Supplements?

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The best method for choosing the right anabolic supplements for weight lifting performance depends upon the type of training program that the weight lifter plans to use. The best supplement for power lifters is different than the best supplement for endurance athletes. Anabolic supplements should not be confused with illegal anabolic steroids, as supplements perform an entirely different function in the body. Anabolic supplements are legal, but some supplements appear on banned substances lists for a variety of competitive sports. Athletes are advised to seek approval from their sport's sanctioning organization prior to taking any anabolic substance.

Competitive athletes in contact sports who lift weights should consider creatine monohydrate pills or powders that are taken with water for use during lifting sessions and for post-workout consumption. Creatine helps an athlete build increased muscle mass with fast twitch fibers by allowing muscles to absorb more water. Water absorption is crucial to the rebuilding process of the muscles and for increasing both mass and volume during muscle recovery.


Creatine also has the benefit of having been intensively studied and scrutinized during the past decade, with volumes of scientific papers written that discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the supplement. Some anabolic supplements are relatively new and have not been subjected to such scrutiny. Competitive athletes should be wary of newer supplements, no matter how effective they seem to be because they may be either ineffective or they may be under review for possible banning.

For power weight lifters, especially for those in competitive bodybuilding, more intensive anabolic supplements should be used. Beta alanine and amino boosters are effective for increasing mass and definition in muscles. When combined with hormonal testosterone boosters, the three form a potent base for all levels of competitive weight lifting.

Choosing the right mix of anabolic supplements can involve trial and error. The mix that works best for one weight lifter may not work for another because every metabolism is different. Those who are new to supplements are best served by beginning slowly and carefully documenting how each supplement works in conjunction with their performance.

Many novice weight lifters make the mistake of overloading on supplements or taking the same amount of anabolic supplement each and every day. This sets up many weight lifters for failure. Most anabolic supplements require the athlete to stagger, or cycle, the supplements in order to match the intake with the peaks and valleys of the metabolic and catabolic processes.


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