How Do I Choose the Best Alternative Arthritis Treatment?

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There are several popular options that may be used as alternative arthritis treatments, including an emphasis on diet, meditative and relaxation techniques, and certain types of exercises. These techniques have proven effective for reducing the severity and frequency of arthritis attacks, and many patients claim these treatments help to improve their quality of life and make living with arthritis much easier. Many holistic, alternative medicine options complement contemporary, Western medicine practices and can be used effectively in conjunction with these treatments. It is important to speak to your doctor before beginning any new alternative arthritis treatment, because some, especially herbal preparations, may inhibit the effectiveness of prescription medications.

You may wish to consider altering your diet as an effective arthritis treatment. Both trial and error experiments and medical research supports the idea that the foods you eat can affect your arthritis condition and overall health. Many experts are suggesting an organic diet rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fats, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits and lean, healthful fat sources. In addition to their other benefits, the omega fats are incredibly effective for improving joint health. Some arthritis patients have benefited from eliminating certain foods as well, such as gluten, members of the nightshade family, and dairy products, though this is highly individualized and will require experimentation for each patient.


Another form of alternative arthritis treatment is meditation practice and relaxation techniques. This type of holistic treatment is gaining acceptance and popularity within the conventional medical community. There are many sources of meditation aids including books, CDs, and podcasts that offer guided meditation as well as relaxation techniques. Affirmations, positive thinking, and expressing your feelings are also thought to be effective methods for treating the mental aspects of arthritis symptoms. Many holistic centers offer meditation classes and other alternative arthritis treatment therapies you may wish to consider.

During an arthritis flair up, studies have indicated that gentle exercise can reduce the length and severity of an attack. Many patients choose to take a short walk to exercise their joints and improve circulation as well as heart health. Yoga and Pilates are both low impact forms of exercise that are effective and beneficial. The use of a rebounder or small trampoline can be used as an alternative arthritis treatment as well. Most doctors recommend performing the exercises to your tolerance and to be cautious if pain or swelling occurs.


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