How Do I Choose the Best Almond Butter?

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When choosing almond butter, it is important to consider the dietary needs of yourself or anybody else who will be consuming it. You should also carefully read the label on any commercial almond butter that you purchase so that you understand what ingredients are used in its preparation. It is also important to select a butter that you and your family find tasty and enjoy eating. Finally, you may also want to compare price differences between brands as well as investigate the option of buying in bulk in order to save money.

Almond butter is made from almonds that are ground into a smooth paste. Many people enjoy it spread on bread or crackers and may also use it in sauces and other recipes. Others either prefer its taste or use almond butter instead of peanut butter due to allergies and sensitivities. Individuals who are sensitive to peanuts or are purchasing almond butter for those who have the sensitivity should take care to find out whether it is prepared in a peanut-free environment. Unfortunately, some processing plants process a variety of nuts, including peanuts, which may contaminate its other nut butters.


Another consideration is the ingredients that have been added to the butter to increase its palatability or to make it easier to spread. Often, sugar is added to nut butters, and this may be an unwelcome addition for those who are trying to control their sugar, calorie, or carbohydrate intake. Before purchasing an almond butter, review its ingredient label to identify whether sugar or other sweeteners have been added. If additional oil has been added, make sure that it is an oil that you don’t mind consuming.

There is little point in buying a food product that you do not find tasty. If possible, sample the butter before purchasing it or buy a small size at first to see whether it is something that you enjoy. Another option is to try it both on its own and in cooking, as you may find that some brands of almond butter work better in cooking while others are more palatable on their own.

Nut butters can sometimes be expensive. As such, you may wish to consider the cost of a particular brand of almond butter when choosing a jar for your household. Another option is to find a butter that is sold in large sizes or even in bulk to reduce your expenditure over time.


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