How Do I Choose the Best Allergic Asthma Treatment?

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Asthma and allergies are considered different conditions by the medical community, but they often occur together and necessitate the need for treating both illnesses. Choosing the right allergic asthma treatment involves listening to the advice of your doctor and medical team, deciding to use products such as an air purifier to limit allergens and taking good care of your overall health. Some of the most common treatments for this combination condition are allergy shots and leukotriene modifier, as well as all-natural holistic treatments. In many cases, patients find that the best treatment is often a combination of several therapies. It also is not unusual for allergic asthma patients to try several types of therapies or combinations of therapies before finding the right one.

The most common allergic asthma treatment consists of allergy shots, also known as immunotherapy. These shots are used to gradually reduce the body's reaction to a known allergen. You and your doctor will determine the most appropriate therapy schedule, though it has be done regularly, such as weekly or bi-weekly, in order to be effective. Among the ingredients in the injection are minute amounts of the allergen to help build the body's tolerance to the substance. This therapy typically is used for three to five years and is often helpful in reducing the symptoms of both the allergy and the asthma attacks.


Another common type of allergic asthma treatment is a leukotriene modifier. The medication is available in pill form and is prescribed to be taken once a day. It was developed to help control both asthma and allergic reaction symptoms and is released throughout the day to provide almost continuous protection. It has been linked to some psychological reactions, and patients are advised to notify their doctor immediately if they notice a change in normal behaviors or have suicidal thoughts.

Many people choose to explore all-natural allergic asthma treatment options as well. Some people are uncomfortable with the idea of medication side effects and prefer to explore other, natural choices. The use of acupressure or acupuncture has proved to be effective for some allergy and asthma sufferers. The use of pressure or sterile needles to specific parts of the body is believed to repair imbalances and promote good health. Although it is not considered a cure, there is evidence to suggest that regular chiropractic care can be useful in treating this combination condition as well.


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Natural or "alternative" treatments are not given credence in the US as the big pharmaceutical companies cannot make money selling drugs to healthy people! They convince us only they know the answer and the answer is more drugs. Take control of your life and your health.

Allergy sufferers and asthmatics need to know there is a method of breathing therapy that can improve their health and get them off the cycle of ever-increasing drug use.

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