How Do I Choose the Best Alcohol Wipes?

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Alcohol wipes are a convenient way to kill germs, as well as to inhibit the spread of diseases. When choosing alcohol wipes, you will first need to determine for what you are using them because certain kinds are designed for medical facilities, while others are more appropriate for home use. Another consideration is the alcohol content, and some swabs also contain other ingredients, such as basic soap and purified water. Antiseptic wipes can come in large containers or in individual packages, so the best version that you choose depends on the frequency of their use. Consider checking for expiration dates as many of these products have certain shelf lives.

Before deciphering between alcohol wipes, you first need to determine whether you want them for medicinal or personal uses. Medical wipes tend to be stronger than personal versions, and they are often sold through closed vendors as well as online. Alcohol swabs for at-home use are widely available in drugstores, but you can still purchase them in bulk online if you want to save money.


Your choice of product depends largely on the amount of alcohol that you want. Usually, a product is considered to be an effective way to kill germs if at least half of its contents consist of an antiseptic, such as alcohol. At the same time, you might want to use a product with less content if you have dry, sensitive skin. Other kinds of swabs contain a combination of alcohol, soap, and water, which is usually the best choice for sensitive areas and for children. It is vital that you read all ingredient labels carefully in order to determine alcohol contents.

How often you use alcohol wipes, as well as where you use them, are two other important factors to consider before purchasing this particular product. Large tubs in which you pull the wipes out as needed are great for frequent use, especially when you need them on the spot. If you do not use this kind of solution very often, then large containers might not be the best choice because the wipes can dry out before you get a chance to use them all. Instead, you might consider individually-packaged wipes that can be used as needed, and these varieties are especially convenient to put in a briefcase or purse.

The expiration dates can vary between brands, so you should look for products that have extended shelf lives, as well as discontinue using ones that have already expired. Although basic rubbing alcohol tends to have a long shelf life, many wipe versions do not last as long due to the other ingredients used during packaging. Generally, alcohol wipes that contain preservatives in their packaging can last twice as long as other versions because there is a reduced chance of contamination.


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