How Do I Choose the Best Alcohol-Free Hair Spray?

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To choose the best alcohol-free hair spray, you should consider what you want to use the spray for, what type of hair you have, and whether there are any specialty sprays that appeal to you. There are many different types of alcohol-free hair sprays that can be used for everything from styling to moisturizing, so deciding what effect you want is the first step in choosing the right one for you. Within each category of spray, there are also different formulations, and some may work better than others for your specific type of hair. Certain products may also have additional characteristics that make them more appealing to you.

Probably the first thing that people think of as hair spray is a styling product that stiffens hair and holds it in place. There are alcohol-free versions of this kind of spray, but alcohol-free hair spray also comes in varieties meant to do many other things as well. Some sprays moisturize, shine, or thicken your hair. Others can lighten the color of your hair or protect it from the heat of styling appliances. Think about what kind of effects you want, and look for a hair spray that will help you achieve that look.


Your hair type also has a bearing on which alcohol-free hair spray will work best for you, as each one interacts a little bit differently with your hair. If you have fine or thin hair, look for a lightweight hair spray that won't weigh down your hair. If you have very frizzy hair or are planning to wear a hair style that requires your hair to stay in place, look for a spray with extra hold.

Besides alcohol, hair sprays have other ingredients, some of which are harsher than others. If the ingredients used in your products are something you are concerned about, pay attention to what is used in different sprays. You might consider looking for an alcohol-free hair spray that is all natural, chemical free, or even vegetarian. Non-aerosol versions are also available and are gentler on the environment. Some types of hair spray have added fragrance, so it might be a good idea to smell a product if you can before you buy it, to see if it has a smell that is pleasing to you.


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Post 3

@donamrs-- I use one from a beauty store. It's all natural, so there is no alcohol or silicone. It has essential oils and rice protein. It doesn't work for curly styles, but it works for straight hair. You can probably find this at some health stores too.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- There are options for alcohol-free hairspray but you need to look beyond your local pharmacy. Check out larger retail stores, salon brands, high-end brands at the mall as well as online stores.

I personally use one that I got from online. This hair spray was formulated to use on wigs. Synthetic hair needs gentler care than regular hair, so hair sprays made for synthetic hair usually don't contain alcohol. I use the product on my own natural hair though and it works great.

So feel free to try different products. As long as alcohol is not listed in the ingredients list, it's fine. And continue to read reviews because that's a great way to know which products are worth purchasing.

Post 1

Alcohol-free hairspray is not an easy to find product in general. I was able to find only one hair spray at the pharmacy without alcohol. I looked up reviews online and the reviews are bad. I don't know if I should try it or stick to regular hair spray with alcohol. I wanted to try one because I have dry hair and I heard that hair sprays without alcohol are not drying.

Is anyone here using alcohol-free hair spray on a regular basis? Which product are you using and where do you get it?

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