How Do I Choose the Best Agent Orange Attorneys?

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Agent orange cases involve health problems caused by an herbicide called agent orange, so choosing the best agent orange attorneys involves making sure the attorneys you are considering are familiar with these types of cases and have a good track record for winning them. You will most likely also want to make sure the attorney you choose is familiar with the type of health problems agent orange exposure can cause as well as the unique issues with which you are dealing. Additionally, you may do well to select a lawyer who will allow you to pay on a contingency basis, so that you will not owe money for legal representation in the event that you do not win your case.

The first step in choosing the best agent orange attorneys is to search for lawyers with extensive experience helping people with this type of case. These cases typically involve an herbicide referred to as agent orange that was used during the Vietnam War. During this war, military forces used this chemical in an effort to kill the dense foliage in Vietnam to make it easier to see the enemy. Some soldiers and their family members have suffered lasting effects from the chemical. As such, the best agent orange attorneys are usually those who have experienced success in arguing these cases.


You can also compare agent orange attorneys based on how familiar they are with the types of conditions associated with this chemical. Familiarity with these conditions may help an attorney prove more effective at arguing your case and might also ensure that he understands the unique implications of any condition that prompted your legal case. Among the conditions that are frequently associated with this chemical are cancer, nerve disorders, rare conditions involving abnormal proteins, and chronic skin conditions. Diabetes, some liver disorders, and birth defects have been associated with this chemical as well.

Since winning this type of lawsuit isn't guaranteed, you might also have concerns when it comes to paying for legal representation. Lawyers fees can be expensive, and some lawsuits drag on for a surprising length of time. Unless you have a significant amount of money to spend on legal fees, you might decide the best agent orange attorneys are those who offer contingency payment plans. In such a case, you will only owe payment for representation in the event that your attorney wins your lawsuit. If the case goes in your favor, an attorney will usually take his payment as a percentage of the settlement you receive. The exact contingency amount, however, will depend on the contract you sign with the attorney.


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